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Let Us Eat


Time and time  Again,  Our mouths twitch  For the truths unsaid,  Lips quiver  And tongues whisper  For a taste of freedom  Again.   Quench the thirst  Of those pleading,  Cracked lips bleeding though smiling. Black boys dreaming though dying,  Justice failing but we're still trying  To live without appetite  To never ask for a bite  Of fulfillment But rather remain full.   Let us eat.

3 Old-School Trends We’re Loving Right Now


No matter the season or year, we always seem to reference the past while looking towards our future in the way we dress to how we live our daily lives. The 80's and 90's fashion are some of the most loved eras of fashion, as we see a comeback of many of the styles with a modern flavour. Here are some of our favourite trends.View post