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Melenial Miles: My Eventful 24hrs In Hong Kong


Hong Kong is one of the most crowded city’s I have ever visited. It’s densely occupied with countless skyscrapers, however, there are some pockets of nature, thankfully. This past week I got to spend a full day exploring in the city. I have been in Shanghai, China mainland for the last month, on a L1 (visitor) visa, which only permits me 30 days stay at a time in the country. Since my 1st 30 days had expired, I decided to go to Hong Kong, which is a nice 2h30min-3hr flight from Shanghai. Hong Kong is a harbor city, with a combination of the oriental cultural foundation and a blend of the west. As its summer in the northern hemisphere, the city is boiling and humid which can make exploring quite sweaty, so brace yourself and prepare accordingly. The best and most cost-effective way to get into the city from the airport is the ...

The Rise Of YouTuber Buhle Lupindo


Everyone seems to have a YouTube channel these days. However, finding the sweet spot of success and quality content can be a challenge for many. YouTuber Buhle Lupindo rose to the challenge, making it look effortless as she has seemed to have mastered the art of creating consistent quality content and success, with about 9.5 thousand subscribers after only three months of starting her channel. The strategic brand communication student hopes to incorporate what she’s studying into her channel,  as she runs for the top spot as one of the most prominent YouTubers in Africa and create a brand that can build her career, consulting and collaborating with big brands. “I started my channel to see if I am capable of starting something on my own and be consistent with it. One of my lecturers spoke of entrepreneurship and how we should start something and see, whatever the outcome ...

It’s Sibu’s World & We’re Just Living In It


It’s Sibu’s world and we’re just living it. Young digital entrepreneur, Sibu Mpanza, well-known for his topical, funny and authentic YouTube videos and just announced field presenter for popular South African lifestyle and entertainment show, Real Goboza (RGB on SABC 1) - continues to win the hearts of South Africa and the shores beyond. View post

The Twitter Account Reintroducing Iconic Nollywood To Millennials


Everyone loves a good meme, as they have become an almost essential and enriching element in our cultural conversations today. The viral Twitter account, Yung Nollywood is no different as the anonymous social media account draws inspiration from an array of vintage nollywood (Nigeria's movie industry) production references, whilst preserving its aesthetics within a bitingly witty meme template. View post

Let Us Eat


Time and time  Again,  Our mouths twitch  For the truths unsaid,  Lips quiver  And tongues whisper  For a taste of freedom  Again.   Quench the thirst  Of those pleading,  Cracked lips bleeding though smiling. Black boys dreaming though dying,  Justice failing but we're still trying  To live without appetite  To never ask for a bite  Of fulfillment But rather remain full.   Let us eat.