Contribute1We are looking for contributors to have their voices heard on a platform tailored for you and by you.

Melenial looks to provide a space where the black millennial of South Africa can identify and express themselves in. We are specifically down with dem young womxn. The content we aim to cover and put out needs to reflect this well. This is a lifestyle digital magazine – think Rookie Mag meets Vanguard Mag meets Saint Heron – so our content range is broad. View the diagram below.


  • Articles are to be written in a word document and submitted as such
  • Accompanying images need to be high resolution and the source captioned
  • Please do not plagiarize: all sources are to be acknowledged
  • Contributors need to be between the ages of 16 and 30
  • Contributors need to be black (this includes Mixed Race, Coloured and Indian)
  • Submissions need to be made to between Monday and Friday.

*Please note that the editors of Melenial are self-funded and therefore, contributors work on a volunteer basis FOR NOW. This is something we definitely want to change in the future as we look to monetize the site. Contributors who submit and are featured regularly have a higher chance of being contracted as freelancers once the money starts rolling in.

On your right is a diagram showing all the different topics that are available to write about for Melenial. If there is something that we missed, please do email us and we will consider a different angle you may want to take.

Yours in Black Girl Magic,

Melenial Editors