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Loveslave Phola Wants to See More LGBTQI+ & Femmes in Local Music


    Being a Great DJ... means nothing transcends the love for music. You can often just feel the love for music in someone’s set. That’s the difference between someone being a playlister versus a dj. To Read a Crowd... I just test out different genres and songs and watch to see how my audience reacts to that – if they don’t, I’ll other type of songs. I am Bumping... Touch My Blood and Rosegold on my playlists currently. My Last Gig Was At... Hip Hop Her Story which was incredibly exciting, and I am so honoured to have been apart of the line-up. It’s been a long time coming because the boys always get the shine in the Hip Hop industry (and music in general), so it’s really cool that Castle Lite wanted to profile the women that are involved in Hip Hop. I am honoured to be apart of that movement and the event.   In Terms of Progress in ...

Miss SA 2018 on Surviving TB & Her Mission to #BreakTheStigma


It's been three months since 6th-year medical student, Tamaryn Green, was pronounced the most beautiful, smartest and inspiring girl in South Africa from a class of 12 finalists. Today, she announced her official mission for her one-year reign; a campaign whose aim is to #BreakTheStigma against TB which is the leading cause of death in South Africans according to Stats SA. View post

What is it Like Working in Print Media in SA?


"Print is dead", they said. About 3 years ago, there was a brief moral panic about the insurgence of digital media, mostly due to the threat that it posed to the print media industry. The same conversation was being had on South Africa's Twitter streets as news of print publications moving to provide content digitally alongside the print products. We're now in 2018 and print media is fine; one of the main issues seemingly being publications not creating the content that people want to see hence the fall of sales. It is a lot more complex than that sole reasoning though, but South Africa first needs to deal with the access to internet before we can really see a threat to print media. The small insider world of magazines and newspapers is often very different to what we see in television and movie depictions (i.e., The Devil Wears Prada, Scandal SA, ...