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An Ode to Yeoville’s Rich Style


On Africa Day, 2016, the South African filmmaker Zandile Tisani released a short film to celebrate. And what better back drop is there than Yeoville, the pan-African cultural melting pot? At first, white flight – you know, that thing white people do when a neighbourhood begins feeling a little too diverse, they did it to the Johannesburg CBD too – threatened to flatten the suburb of Yeoville. But it still stands, likely a shadow of its former pristine visage, but richer for it. Yoeville is a sort of “little Africa” home people who bring with them the loneliness being away from home makes of you. They also bring with them the optimism it takes to survive outside of home’s embrace. Whether home is outside of Kigali or a lesser known village right next to Mthatha. In that loneliness and optimism, there are moments that look and feel like thriving. In Tisane’s new ...