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Navigating the Trials of UMakoti


I’ve become a fan of Isibaya, the kind of fan that tries to watch it even when it goes through its narrative lulls. But, being a young woman on the paper chase (both academically and financially) doesn’t leave me with much time to watch it. When I do, I am glad to find that there is some or other less-dramatic storyline that I can relate to – the most recent being Thandeka (Nomzamo Mbatha)’s treatment at the hands of her mother-in-law. While the monster-in-law narrative is a historic favourite; it is ka’Majola’s tendency to blame her makoti’s family for her perceived shortcomings as a wife that has caught my attention and drawn my ire. My thoughts on the matter are also one of the reasons why I am often very sympathetic to my brothers’ (and cousins’) girlfriends... In some cases (as is unfortunately the case with my own family) it is assumed that the ...

Woke Twitter vs Work Twitter: Self-Expression in the Time of Linkedin


As more and more people from my professional network add me on the social media platforms I still considered fairly informal, I am starting to miss the days when social media was purely social. I alternate between considering myself lucky to have been at the forefront of experiencing social media develop and unlucky to have to deal with all its pitfalls. The latest problem I face is having my superiors – and most recently, my dad – send requests to connect, befriend and follow. Especially on Facebook, the last platform I considered ‘purely personal.’ I opened my Facebook account eight years ago at the age of 15 so for me, and many others, Facebook is not a place for professional conduct. I am my silliest, funniest, most political and most vocal on Facebook. The ease with which I can post images and long bodies of text allows me to dissect and discuss ideas, ...