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2015 has been the year of the Black Womxn and we are only getting started. From Viola Davis’ historical Emmy Award win, Amandla Stenberg schooling us on black culture ap-propriation, to Maria Borges and Nykhor Paul emphasizing the importance of black beauty in the high fashion world; black women have been pushing the boundaries and proving to the rest of the world that attitudes of inferiority towards us can propel us to fly higher. Amandla Stenberg summed it up perfectly earlier this year when she said, “black female voices need to be uplifted within the mainstream feminist movement. Especially at this time. It’s crucial.” Why is it crucial? Because black womxn lives matter, that’s why! I’m so tired of constantly being told that the most beautiful womxn in the world are caucasian, blonde or brunette women. That when I search ‘beautiful women’ on Google, I am bombarded by a particular perspective of ...