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Nodange: An Epic Tale


That night the sky was breathtaking. A black blanket, crisp and clear wrapped around the earth. Stars like fairy lights, hung effortlessly against the darkness in an arrangement so perfect, that only Mother Nature herself could have formed it. The moon had positioned itself amongst the splashes of radiance. It hovered, as if in awe, above the tranquil town. It pressed its blue face against the glass in my bedroom window and cast its blue light. I had just finished wiping the last water droplet off one of the dishes from dinner. I grabbed the plate gently and packed it neatly into the kitchen cupboard. I set off for my room where I grabbed my warmest pyjamas. They were about three sizes too big and electric purple in colour. I loved those pyjamas mostly because they were a gift from my grandmother. I missed her on most on days. When ...