5 Things We Learnt At The Creative Womxn Hookup


All the best tips from the panelists at the November 2019 edition of The Creative Womxn Hookup.

This past weekend, the J&B Hive played host to the final instalment of The Creative Womxn Hookup all about Influencer Marketing with a focus on video and YouTube. 

Joining the panel sessions were Buhle Lupindo, Thandi Gama and Nandipha  Mqoco who shared all about starting your digital video content creation career and how they did it. Those M from Lived Experience and Shay Sade and Monique Touke from The Ubunifu Space revealed insights on building and maintaining engaged audiences.

Check out the best tips and pictures of the day below. 


Images by Qhama Mbanywa | @blossomlovelyphotography


Buhle Lupindo at The Creative Womxn Hookup, November 2019 shot by Qhama Mbanjwa | @blossomlovelyphotography

Just Start… But Be Prepared to Work Hard

Fast growing Youtuber, Buhle Lupindo, has amassed a major 20 000 subscribers in just 6 months of starting her personal Youtube channel. One thing piece of advice that she would give to people keen on starting a career on Youtube is, “starting is the easiest part, it’s the maintenance of your content that requires hard work.” Not only that, but to be prepared to maintain a level of consistency in delivering your content to viewers which takes hard work, dedication and discipline.

Find Your Unique Selling Point by Looking Within

With the hundreds of thousands of Youtube channels and just as many creators and personalities, how does a new creator cut through? Nandipha Mqoco believes that being yourself is the best way to create the best content and build a loyal viewership. With all the content that is out there, the one thing that no one else has is your personality and uniqueness and you can use and highlight that in the way that you create your content. If not that, find a gap in the content that is already being delivered, exploit that and build a niche following. This way you will know that the viewers that keep coming are coming back for you and your content. 


Use all Social Media Platforms to Drive Content to Your Channel

While your focus may be creating video content for Youtube and/or Instagram, it’s important to realise that all social media platforms can be used to drive viewers to your primary and this increasing your views and growing your audience. Thandi Gama believes that it is incredibly important to have an understanding of how each social media platform works and what kind of content reaches more people on all of them. Make sure that you are using your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat profiles to promote your videos, engage potential viewers, undertake audience research and extend your content offering. 


Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things

The journey to building a community and engaged followers won’t be easy and not all your videos may get the number of views that you set for them but Thobi M recons that sampling different kinds of content for your audience is the best way to find out what works for them and what pushes your likes up. Don’t be afraid to cross content categories in an effort to discover what your audience likes; if you fancy yourself a lifestyle vlogger, go ahead and try fashion, food, travel and everything in between. 


Always Strive to Be Better 

Having grown their channel to over 200 000 subscribers, The Ubunifu Space’s Shay and Monique believe the trick is always taking constructive criticism from your audience and strive to be better with each video. It could be as small as updating your reaction rating scores from just saying outloud to showing them on white boards like it was for them or it could be in improving editing skills like it was for Thandi Gama. You get better by doing and learning while doing and that’s all that creating is about.


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Monique Touko & Shay Sade (The Ubunifu Space) by Qhama Mbanywa | @blossomlovelyphotography