Review: Meet Me at Vida?


We visited a favourite meeting spot for SA creatives this week to sample some of their new Winter menu. Spolier: it slaps!

You might know vida ecaffe for its cheerful barristers who might do a little warcry as they prepare your cuppa. The vibrant, red restaurant can be spotted a mile away either due to its bright decor or the capturing aroma of freshly brewing coffee.

Scrolling through Instagram, you may spot some vida products and vibes on the feeds of creatives like Kwena Baloyi and Dj Doowap, an obvious stamp of approval for the restaurant as a place where creatives can come get sh*t done with a super recognizable red takeaway coffee cup in hand. After-all, vida promises that their “stores are designed for comfort, convenience and consistency, with an attitude that exudes creativity – where you always feel inspired.”

Last week I popped by the Vodaworld vida ecaffe in Midrand and grabbed a big to-go bag of munchies to try. I wish I could have done a MukBang video like regular content creators do but eating in front of a camera was not going to work for this introverted extrovert (whatever that means.) But here is a review of the best items to try when you’re next at vida ecaffe (if you click the link, you can find the closest one to you.) Make it soon!

1. Mucho Classic Hot Chocolate

Besides the fact it is WINTER Winter, at least in Johannesburg anyway, a hot chocolate is a go-to for me. I shy away from coffee and tea just wasn’t going to hit me in the fuzzy spot that I needed. The vida hot chocolate feels like a hug in a cup – truly. Best enjoyed when you have hella deadlines on a chilly cold early afternoon. It will give you the strength to make it through.

2. Bagel Pastrami

Minus the gerkins, this is the perfect brunch snack while you work. The cold meat filled sandwich, which you can opt to have toasted, will make you feel like a freelancer in NYC. It is filling and seems pretty healthy aside from the carbs (we love carbs!).

3. Chicken & Picante Wrap

Just go buy it. Seriously.

This is by far my favourite food item on the menu. A quick, delicious snack perfect on-the-go or while you sit and work.

4. Quattro Cheese Muffin

You’re running late, you decide to grab breakfast on your way to your meeting. You know there’s a vida 5 minutes from your destination, you head in and grab the easiest thing to nibble so you won’t starve. It’s the savoury muffin stuffed with four different cheeses – lactose intolerance be damned! – with a mucho cuppacino for the road.

You get to your meeting adequately full and you have zero regrets!

Download the Vida eCaffe app on iOS & Android where you can find your store, earn points (which is actual money to use at Vida) and look up which new items you want to order from the menu.