The Rise Of YouTuber Buhle Lupindo


Everyone seems to have a YouTube channel these days. However, finding the sweet spot of success and quality content can be a challenge for many. YouTuber Buhle Lupindo rose to the challenge, making it look effortless as she has seemed to have mastered the art of creating consistent quality content and success, with about 9.5 thousand subscribers after only three months of starting her channel.

The strategic brand communication student hopes to incorporate what she’s studying into her channel,  as she runs for the top spot as one of the most prominent YouTubers in Africa and create a brand that can build her career, consulting and collaborating with big brands.
“I started my channel to see if I am capable of starting something on my own and be consistent with it. One of my lecturers spoke of entrepreneurship and how we should start something and see, whatever the outcome will be. So, being surrounded by amazing successful YouTubers and seeing their work gave me a push into the direction of starting the venture,” she explains d why she decided to take the plunge and start her channel.
The ambitious young YouTuber said although her channel is doing well and growing beyond her expectation so quickly, failure still scares her. “I think taking risks is scary and being a person who finds change uncomfortable, it was important to me to start my channel and give what I can and hopefully take whatever challenge comes my way with the content I produce and how people take from it. I love YouTube for that because I can steer my channel in any direction and hope for the best outcome. Sometimes failure scares me, but I keep moving,” she said.

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However, Buhle understands that her fear of failure and not reaching the potential she knows she has; she commends herself for waking up every day and choosing herself to live and going for her dreams.
Buhle credits her mother’s love and support as one of the factors that keep her going, even when things get tough. “My mother wants the best for me and does anything possible to ensure we achieve that. I do know she does everything to ensure I am comfortable and happy,” she said.
Buhle said the best lessons she learned from her mother were always to see the best in people and herself, to love herself, work to achieve her dreams, to fear God, believe in her dreams and ever forgive easily because hate only stops your progress.

In recent years, we have seen the war against women’s bodies exacerbate globally, and this can be seen with the current anti-abortion laws passed in some states in the USA. The new YouTuber who actively advocates for the empowerment of women said she is tired of everyone thinking for women, telling them what to do with their bodies and making a life-changing decision that further constrains women’s choices.
“There is no reason to control and inspect women bodies and what they should do with them. We should be protected instead, put that same energy in creating environments and ensuring we are protected instead. But clearly whoever controls these narratives is not women but against women. Taking away our ability to choose what we do to our bodies is not building us; instead, it creates more harm in processes that should protect us,” she said.
“South Africa is strife for many reasons, which include our past, which influenced our current state. For me, studying and venturing into spaces that are not systematically designed for a woman like me is how I am working towards navigating this “strife” country. Also staying vigilant is critical, as hard as that sounds. Women and children are not safe in the current state,” Buhle added.

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People may be surprised to know that this fearless woman is deadly afraid of snakes in any form; be it on alive, pictures or toys. “I cry,” she said. (no worries girl, you and me both lol).

Despite self-care becoming the new buzz word and millennial trend, Buhle notes that it very important to her that she looks after herself mentally and physically, to avoid feeling a breakdown.
“When I’m tired, I sleep. When I’m craving the unhealthy meal, I get it for myself. I take days off to do what makes me happy whether it’s clubbing with my friends because I enjoy dancing or being lazy on the couch and catching up on my favourite movies and series,” she said.

As Buhle continues to work hard to achieve her goals, build her YouTube channel and social community, she said she would have told her yourself to speak up more about her feelings and it’s ok to let people and things go.
Buhle said, despite where life takes her, she lives by these words of; “stay true to thyself and always fullfil the promises I make to myself,” to help her navigate and succeed through life’s ups and downs.