It’s Sibu’s World & We’re Just Living In It


It’s Sibu’s world and we’re just living it. Young digital entrepreneur, Sibu Mpanza, well-known for his topical, funny and authentic YouTube videos and just announced field presenter for popular South African lifestyle and entertainment show, Real Goboza (RGB on SABC 1) – continues to win the hearts of South Africa and the shores beyond.

Sibu will bring a fresh presence to celebville as they join Mulisa Mudau as the RGB’s field presenters / vloggers hosting red carpet interviews with the stars as well as sharing their opinions on entertainment and social hot topics. You can catch Sibu and the rest of the RGB team on SABC 1, every Saturday-night at 19h30. chatted to Sibu about the RGB news and what he hopes to achieve in his new role, as he received the news doing what he does best, editing a YouTube video. “I’m excited. A lot of people I look up to got their jumpstart from RGB. I am also excited about all the cool people I hope to meet through my role as a field presenter. I would be lying if I said I’m not nervous, it’s going to be a huge learning curve as this is very different from Youtube or radio.”

After a month-long audition process, Sibu assumed, he did not get the gig. ”The news took me by surprise, ” he said. 

Sibu said he intends to add a little more to what is already a great show, but mostly learn a great deal from his first television gig. “Mostly I am hoping to learn from the presenters and crew. I do not doubt that there is a lot to learn, ” the content creator said.

Sibu has come a long way since his first YouTube video in August 2017 with 200 views to now keeping thousands of South Africans up to date on all things entertainment on RGB. “I’d tell my 21-year-old self to relax. I’d tell him not to rush everything. I’d also tell him that not everybody is as happy for you as you think they are. And I’d tell the 23-year-old self that I’m proud of how far he has come. The RGB field presenter is staying busy, working hard and continuing to secure the bag, as he grows all his YouTube channels 1 subscriber at a time and squeeze in some travels in between his packed schedule. 

The Capetonian said moving to Joburg was the best risk he’s ever taken, despite missing his family and friends. “My business took off, my channels grew, I am financially independent, and I met my current partner here, ” he said. 

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Sibu said he is most proud of the fact that his mom is proud of him. “She always reminds me of how proud she is of my successes.”

Even though Sibu has achieved a lot in his short life, he said he still has ‘pinch me, can’t believe I did that‘ moments, at the fact that he has 2.5 million views on YouTube, he is able to help his family financially and is dating now fellow YouTuber, Buhle Lupindo.

Sibu looks forward to what the future has in store for him but hopes to be to be more financially stable and to have a better relationship with his mental health.