A Powerhouse in the making – this is Zoe Msutwana


Dynamite comes in small packages and this is no different when you think of the smart, go getting and passionate Zoe Msutwana.

The media entrepreneur, is dedicated, hardworking and committed to pushing boundaries as a PR maven and Pop Culture expert.

Zoe currently keeps herself busy as the editor and CEO at GuideToCeleb.com and launching her accessories brand TIZIMA.

“I am currently putting together the next issue for my digi-mag, GUIDE, while working on the final elements before the online store for TIZIMA officially launches,” she says.

Photo: Stills by Tom

So how does a woman who seems to have a full plate do it all so effortlessly?

“I earned my stripes. I’ve worked as a PR professional for years, starting off as an intern and then working my way up the ladder. I’ve always been consistent in doing what I am passionate about and ensuring that I’m pretty good at it. I’ve carried that same attitude into my entrepreneurial efforts,” Zoe says.

As a pop culture enthusiast, it only seemed natural for Zoe to start her own platform, which catered for this passion – Guide To Celebrity.

Guide to Celebrity is not your typical celebrity website but takes a closer look at the business side of “Celebrity” and the entertainment industry. Zoe says the website aims to inform and educate readers on the endorsements, collaborations and brands that have made a huge impact on us.

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“My work managing and working with celebrities and influencers opened my eyes to how things work on the other side. Guide To Celebrity came about after I noticed a gap in the media landscape for a platform that brings to light some of the insight,” she says.

“I wanted to build a media platform, whose mandate is to educate fans of pop culture about the ins and outs of how celebrities make money through collaborating with brands. Ultimately, I want to see the Guide To Celebrity brand become the authority in the Business of Celebrity and Brand Collaborations,” Zoe says.

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So, what next for this ambitious and highly motivated PR and brand maverick?

“I see myself really happy. I see Guide To Celebrity’s #GTCAwards becoming the most anticipated industry event. I see more brands aligning with GUIDE to visually tell their stories. I see TIZIMA growing into shoes and handbags. I see coffee table books and more Baecations,” Zoe says.

“I’ve always said that I want to be remembered as the girl who fearlessly went after her dreams. One who gave up comfort to live out her wildest dreams. My legacy will be one that encourages pursuit of dreams and ownership,” she continues.

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Although Zoe has achieved a lot in her career, she believes that a woman of colour in the current socio-economic landscape still have a long way to go.

“There are still so many barriers that have to be broken. Black women still must work 10 times harder to be noticed by the people that sign the checks. The level of gatekeeping in corporate is still shocking to me and sadly; we still need them to back our ideas,” she says.

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“My daily struggle is remembering to trust my dope and to not sell myself short because reality is not in my favour as a black woman trying to make the moves I’m making. Hopefully, we will get to a point where consistently delivering excellence will be all it takes. That’s my biggest fight,” Zoe concludes.