The 90’s Comeback featuring Sian Eckles


1997 was influential as a year during which an iconic shoe was birthed – the adidas Originals Falcon Dorf runner. A shoe which paid homage to the attitude of the 90’s; strong creatives who shifted boundaries and paved the path for future rebels to walk forth with.

“A creative purposely colours outside of the lines and constantly aspires to be innovative and inspiring to the world. Creatives play on their imaginations and create something beautiful out of it,” says Sian Eckles.

90’s cool kid creative and personal style blogger Sian Eckles, has an interesting twist on street style, putting her own stamp on femininity and edgy, and effortlessly fusing the two into a seamless look.

Sian describes her style as a combination of feminine pieces with a slight edge and comfort is always her main priority. “I try and make something my own,” she says.

Photo: Zain Karodia

Sian says her style is influenced and inspired by the street style outside of fashion shows during fashion weeks around the world.

“I love seeing what the attendees wear as opposed to what’s on the runway. I love that each person has their own sense of individuality and uniqueness and that you can get a taste of their personality through the clothes that they choose to wear. Whether it’s Paris Fashion Week or Cape Town Fashion Week, there’s always something special to be seen,” she says.

Sian also finds inspiration from the people she surrounds herself with – colleagues, family and friends, her boyfriend and the online community. “I’m constantly inspired by [the online community’s] hard work and passion for what they do and what they believe in. I always feel like I gain knowledge and wisdom from all those entities even if they aren’t in fashion or the creative industry,” she says.

Sian shifts boundaries in her daily everyday life, style and professional life by not only being a woman in business but in incorporating blogging and fashion writing in entrepreneurship.

I walk to the beat of my own drum and I’m always thinking of ways to improve what I do whether it be in daily life, style choices or my professional life,” she says.

Sian was chosen as one of the influencers for the adidas Falcon campaign, which has been reborn for a new generation, as the chunkier “dad” sneaker has made an incredible comeback in the fashion world. “I love that adidas were just like “hold up, we were part of the original chunky sneaker vibe” and released the Falcon again, she says.

Photo: Zain Karodia

Sian gave us some tips on how to style the Falcon’s for a night out, casual Friday and brunch date.

Night out: I would style it with a black lace bralette, a black high-waisted suit and a small clutch bag. I would keep the outfit neutral especially if it’s paired with the multi-coloured Falcon colour-way. I’m really into suits and sneakers, I think that suits have always been such a strong statement outfit so paired with sneakers, it balances it out and gives it some edge.

Casual Friday: I would style the Falcon’s with a pair of fitted denims, a simple cotton t-shirt and an oversized coat.

Brunch date: I would pair the Falcon’s with a high-waisted ankle grazing skirt, a soft knit (that’s tucked in) and a belt bag.

Sian dubbed Rihanna as thee culture icon of our time as she is constantly reinventing herself and pushing boundaries within the industries that she’s immersed herself in. “She’s unapologetically herself and has made a global impact with her humanitarian efforts and in society. A cosmetic company may seem frivolous to some, but Fenty Beauty is incredibly inclusive when it comes to its shade range and has sent a strong message to other brands about inclusivity and the importance of including people of colour,” says Sian.

Kylie Jenner is the latest adidas Originals ambassador and face of the Falcon campaign. adidas claims that 1997 was a seminal year as both the adidas Originals Falcon Dorf Runner and Kylie Jenner were born. Sian however, doesn’t consider her a cultural icon despite her extreme influence. “She has played her own part in popular culture. Whatever her name is on, sells. And she holds that power. I personally wouldn’t consider her a cultural icon, but I do have respect for her and respect for her hustle,” Sian says.

Since the adidas Originals Falcon’s campaign is all about ‘90s nostalgia as a hook, Sian says she would love to bring back Tamagotchis (LOL). “I used to love those virtual pets and they used to come in different colours. A Tamagotchi clipped onto a handbag (like those fluffy key-rings) as an accessory would be cute,” she says.
And in terms of style Sian says it’s hard to pick because so many of the 90’s fashion trends have made a comeback already. Belt bags, chunky sneakers, tiny sunglasses, scrunchies, plaid and neon.

Photo: Zain Karodia