Mavens: Nontobeko Sibisi – A Radical with a Mission and Purpose


Nontobeko Sibisi, one of South Africa’s renowned journalists.

Nontobeko Sibisi, better Known as Nontobeko “I don’t respond well to Nonto, I am sometimes known as #ThePeoplesNtatheli or “here’s the doek lady”*hehehe*. My aunt wanted to feature and call me Petronella, imagine that? *Looks up again* “Thank you parents,” she said.

This vibrant and non-conforming journalist cannot be boxed as she co-hosts on South Africa’s DStv channel, Moja Love. “I am chasing dreams and checklists,” she said.

Photo: Provided

Nontobeko loves to be busy, whether it’s creating content and new narratives, fighting injustice and for the silenced or even having a banal conversation with friends, Nontobeko is never still. “I procrastinate by finding the next person to converse with, host my very random but signature #FloorGatherings for my lovers and friends – if not then, catching another live performance or play. *it gets really bad*,” she said.

Most black women, much like Nontobeko,  are proud to be black, a woman and truly their great selves trying to make a difference in the world they live in. “Black Girl Magic is THAT FIRE inside. THAT FIRE that confuses the enemy eeeeeryday. THAT FIRE that made them want to intimidate, segregate and oppress us. THAT FIRE that said, ‘DAMN WE ARE BEAUTIFUL, BOLD, BRAZEN WITH A FIESTY BLACK TWITTER PERSONALITY’ – Asibambheki, oooor’kanjani?!” Nontobeko said.

Photo: Provided

Although the stronghold of patriarchy tries to undermine our Black Girl Magic, women like Nontobeko are never afraid to shake up and change the status quo, warning, “South African men should unpack the trash – introspect, speak LOUDER and DO better man!”

Nontobeko is truly a force to be reckoned with and believes that this current generation isn’t halfway done with fulfilling their great purpose. The youth is the future and here to stay and people need to get over their qualms with the millennials, because they have only just begun shaking the tables and writing the history of tomorrow.

“My favourite thing about being young is the power in our hands. The fire in our eyes. Our unapologetic words. And confidence to voice and ACTION IT ALL. PS – This generation really is coming for the land… and then some!”

Yes, bathathe Nontobeko wakaSibisi! We look forward to the journey ahead.