Mavens: The Unlimited Power of Mpumi Ledwaba


Nompumelelo Ledwaba better known as Mpoomy lives her life to inspire women to go after their dreams, encourage a beautiful relationship with God. Mpoomy is only 24-years-old and is already making waves in the beauty entrepreneurial space as the owner and founder of Aneno Nail & Coffee bar, which is a combination of her sister and her name: Ane- anele No-Nompumelelo.

“Lol nothing deep about to be honest we just all chose it as a family,” she said.

The last two years have been a rollercoaster adventure to say the least for this fierce powerhouse in the making as she found the courage to start Aneno which is almost a year old and employs six women.

The busy bee cannot not seem to stay still as she decided to delve into the world of YouTube channel, which has grown to over 10 000 subscribers in the last 4 months, all while preparing to become a mother.

Mpoomy plans to start her own product line, introduce more services within her salon and ultimately becoming a franchise. “I see my salon becoming more public, doing more events, introducing more products and becoming a trusted household name. Also, I see myself as a brand that can be associated with other great brands that are for the upliftment of women,” she said.

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When we asked Mpoomy what she thinks her legacy will be, she simply said, “God fearing. Loved people. Changed lives. She was love in all forms.”

Mpoomy believes that a woman’s power is unlimited and can truly have and do it all. “A woman can be successful business women, have a happy marriage, be a wonderful mother, and most importantly the light that proves that you can have God and still be bomb,” she said.

This boss lady said she is inspired by Oprah Winfrey, TD Jakes, Heather Lindsey, Sarah Jakes, her husband, but most of all her my parents and the power of bringing new life.

Mpoomy believes that with enough self-belief, determination and hard work nothing is impossible, and she wish she knew this earlier. “I would tell my sixteen your old self to relax, don’t chase after anybody, do more research about who you are and follow your dreams not of those around you. You are a force,” she said.

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The mother to be said if she had three wishes, she would make all her husband’s dreams and desires come to fruition, save all young girls from the horrors that boys/men put them through and travel the world with her family, preaching the gospel in the most unconventional and fun way.

Mrs Ledwaba praises and admires her work ethic as being her greatest superpower and having no fear, especially after she dropped out of varsity.

She told Melenial Mag that people would be surprised to know that she is an open book, cry baby and is very emotional.

Being a Black women and woman of colour these days may seem like the “in thing” and a trending topic but as the most marginalized, oppressed and disadvantaged group in the pecking order of society, there is so much power, greatness and strength in being a proud magical Black woman.

“It means breaking barriers, changing the narrative and fighting for our mental liberation. I believe we are in an era of the rise of the black woman. It’s exciting,” Mpoomy said.

She attributed her roots and family as being the foundation of her being and allowing her to be he proud strong Black woman we see and have to come to know.

“My foundation is Christ and family. No matter where life takes me I always remember what comes first, and in any given moment if I am ever faced with choosing I will always choose my family and faith. I believe my faith has carried me this far and its yet to open greater doors. My family is the greatest support structure without them nothing I achieve is worth it,” she continued.

Although is yet to reach her mid-twenties, many would agree that she has come a long way, achieved a lot and making those crucial money moves and now becoming a mother to her first child in a matter of months.

“Im very excited about it and I believe its the perfect time. I hope to teach her kindness and love, confidence in who she is, raise a God fearing queen, I hope I can be a mother who brings out the best in her, allow her to realise her potential, invest in her goals and dreams but most importantly the importance of family, Christ and loving people,” she said.

So, if you wondering how she does it all, she thanks her faith and passion for getting her through even her roughest and grueling days.

“Every day is very different for me. I wake up pretty early, pray, read the bible, journal, wake up hubby for cuddles, go to gym, breakfast, go to my salon, always have lunch outside the salon where I can brainstorm and solve any problems (I can never do that at the salon, I need a fresh environment), shoot for my YouTube channel, cook, watch a series and normally asleep with a bed chair pillow by 22:00,” she said.