Review: PUMA #DEFY


Puma recently gave us our own pair of The Defy in white/black, which is spearheaded by PUMA Global Ambassador Selena Gomez and they are truly worth the hype.

Anybody that knows me well, knows I love a good pair of comfortable, interesting looking and timeless shoes, whether it be a sneaker, trainer or sky-high heels. Shoes are a way for me to truly feel confident in my own skin and a large part of my self-expression.

The Defy’s are truly super comfortable, which is quite important in my job as I am always on the move. They are also very versatile, so I can pair them with just about anything, which is also important for me as my days can be unpredictable. I like shoes that I am able to wear to almost anywhere and any event, with just about anything. This is due to the lightweight cushioning that adds functionality and brings style to the trainers.

The Defy is a performance-purposed sneaker, which is still in line with the current trends with its chunky platform sole and knitted upper, which adds a minimalist appeal. The Defy has that new cool, gotta have dad shoe appeal that supports the latest fashion trend. However, it goes beyond just style because of the fully supportive side-to-side design and ProFoam cushioning. The oversized formstripe logo is unique yet instantly recognizable, while TPU pieces are placed above the midsole for additional support. Also I have never gotten so many complements on my shoes before. Like everybody I know always seems to have a questionable comment about my shoes (*rolls eyes*, I don’t know why). Even my so called “cool” teenage brother wanted to literally take them off my feet and take them for himself. (Look who is cool now little bro lol)

The Defy’s give me that “Chase the dream not the competition on your own terms” attitude feel, without having to be in heels (BONUS!). My feet are probably singing and thanking the spirits above.

– Nomvelo Chalumbira


As a working pedestrian in Johannesburg, shoes play a crucial role in my everyday existence. The decision to heel or sneaker is largely influenced by the day’s activities – wearing a pair of heels on the day that you have to stand in the longest taxi queue can really suck the joy out of the entire day.

Enter, PUMA #Defy! I’ve been plotting the purchase of a white everyday sneaker for a while now and the good people at PUMA SA saved me a swipe. From the moment the trainers arrived, I knew they were the ones to put the spring back into my step. What with its platform sole and knitted upper, ultimate comfort on my daily commutes was finally going to be mine!

And it did not disappoint! Besides all  the attention (literally 5 whole minutes) I got from my colleagues who envied the on-trend trainer, I wanted to be on my feet all day. As far as #defying goes, I am ready to be the ultimate daring woman by never wearing heels to work again! Okay, maybe once a week.

– Simbongile Ndlangisa