5 Must Have Locally-Made Tees


Feature Image: @Sponono_Fierce

In a world of off-the-shoulder tops, bell sleeves and asymmetrical tops, t-shirts have become the trusted, ‘will never fail you’ fashion items when you need them most. They have also become the go-to introductory product for aspiring fashion label owners and the most merchandised item for big brands. With the rise of South African street wear brands and retailers, we have seen a small but significant wave of dope slogan and branded tees. We looked at the latest and greatest and found 5 that we really wanted to spend our coins on.

1. Mnike by Sho Ngwana

Images by @sponono_fierce


2. Abelungu Bayadina by Thabiso Molaothlwa



3. Merchandise by Sho Madjozi 



4. Trnsd x Taku Dlamini




5. Brenda Fassie by Tony Chingz