The New Influencing Muse: Zukhanye Ncapayi


Zukhanye Ncapayi is the new bright star of the South African influencer squad.  Zukhanye well known for her large following of almost 50k on instagram and Twitter, has decided to take the leap of faith becoming a full time content creator, working with brands and making money via social media.

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We caught up with the millennial muse, who has a passion for beauty, fashion and all things social media, which allows her audience a little slice into of her eventful life.

Zukhanye studied Quantity Surveying (QS) and graduated with Honors from the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa. “I’m passionate about the world of construction. You get to work in a team with a diverse group of individuals in order to create and finish a project the way the client has envisioned it to be. Every project gives you a sense of accomplishment which can last for generations and that’s the kind of career I could see myself in. It’s also very empowering as a woman,” said Zukhanye.

Although she is not practicing QS, she said she is really excited about her future as content creator, hoping to be married, become a mom, become one of the best vloggers in the South Africa and a very successful entrepreneur – all within the next five years. “I like the idea of being my own employer and that’s what I’ve dedicated myself to achieve in the long run,” said Zukhanye.

THE EDUCATED MUSE: Zukhanye Ncapayi at her Quantity Surveying Honours Graduation in March 2018, at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa.                                                                                                     Photo: Provided

Since millennials are obsessed with owning their own content, identity and path to success. Zukhanye and her partner are no different, as are two months into their own YouTube channel, which has accumulated more than 6 000 thousand and growing subscribers. “Starting a channel was initially my idea. I watch a lot of YouTube and came across couples on there and thought it was a cool way to grow and engage with your followers on a more personal level. We’re also very fun people and wanted to share that. We’re really hoping the channel grows even more so we can be able to inspire potential creators,”

It’s not all roses and daises in the business of media, with things like fake news and over saturation, which overloads the system with shit (excuse my French), it can be hard to think it is a credible industry in this day and age. “It is very misleading and filled with fake news. It is also negative but most people react more to negativity so girl I guess that’s what works,” said Zukhanye.

With all the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur, the rewards are definitely sweeter than the sweat. Zukhanye the modern muse has found this to be true, as she has learnt that life is what you make it. “In situations where I’ve fallen, I’ve learnt to pick myself up and move along until I achieve the end goal.” Zukhanye testifies that this is greatest lesson she learned from her mother.

She expressed that her relationship with her mother has become closer  as they have gotten older. “It’s so amazing because she treats me like an adult now lol. It feels more like friendship and I appreciate it. When I was a teenager I feel like our relationship was too strained by her wanting what’s best for me so we weren’t really as comfortable as we are now. Now she probably feels like her jobs done as a parent and that has allowed us to create such a beautiful mother-daughter relationship.”

Photo: Provided

Through all life’s ups and downs, challenges and triumphs Zukhanye said she keeps sane through prayer and faith. “My greatest fear is not fulfilling my purpose in life, more so not fulfilling God’s plan for my life. Adulting is so tough, my goodness. Being my own responsibility has been so challenging but I take it one day at a time. My parents are also very supportive so it does make things easier. I cope with everyday stresses through planning, praying, listening to music, having a glass of wine while cooking and venting occasionally to my boyfriend.”

Zukhanye said if she could write a letter to her younger self, she would tell herself to be humble or the universe will do it for her. “Moving to Johannesburg after high school has given me a different perspective and I’ve learned that the world doesn’t revolve around me.”