Lerato Kgamanyane is For Women


“While influencers have long been known to use their … well, influence … to boost the sales of third-party brands, they have started to pivot to a potentially much more lucrative space: One in which they use their selling-power for their own brands.” – The Fashion Law 

While the above statement reflects more on the influencer market internationally, there is an evident shift in South Africa as well. From Talya Goldberg co-ownership of Nifty 250 until 2017 to now Lerato Kgamananye and her ‘creative and social content platform for women, by women,” HellenRose

Lerato has established a platform that shares stories that help women navigate lifestyle, personal and business life. It only makes sense that the platform is moving to create tangible platforms with the upcoming Women & Wealth event hosted by HellenRose. We caught up with the head honcho to find out more about the event.

What is the focus of Women & Wealth? 

The prime lead for HellenRose’s Women & Wealth is to create an experiential event, where women engage on topics that are of key importance in our lives and the roles we play in society. Secondly, I’ve come to realize that women networks are too lean, and we need to grow them.

Why the decision to go with an educational focus versus entertainment? 

The events will always be women centered and educational, as I believe not much magnifying is placed on the roles women play and our general capabilities, consequently leading us to doubt our own weight in the spaces we find ourselves in, in our personal lives and in the world. So, it was important for me to serve in something that’ll always be a reminder of how phenomenal we are, but also remind us that we need to consistently stimulate our knowledge.

How did you come to select the speakers for Women & Wealth? 

I always felt like forums and engagement events tend to put people in boxes, or rather have speakers whom the guests (which are the most important element to an event) are out of touch with, or don’t even aspire to be like. For me it was important to bring in speakers that play divergent roles in their lives, and have expertise or knowledge that’ll serve different people in attendance. I wanted my guests to relate to at least one speaker.

What can we look forward to on the day? 

Guests can look forward to a day where substantial and important insights and knowledge will be imparted on them, a space that’ll render for networking, lovely gifts and food!

What do you want us to walk away with? 

I’d like for my guests to leave understanding that financial literacy is key to financial freedom, which is of paramount importance for the general emancipation of women. I want my guests to know that they can be financially effective in their lives, their organizations and be assets in society in that way – and how to be effective.