Life Abroad: We Hear from 3 South Africans


For most South Africans, the world outside of our borders is largely constructed by the images we see in the media. From movies to global news stories, the reality for many of us remains within our geographical domestic boundaries. So, being able to board an aeroplane and cross country lines in order to visit and experience different people and cultures is a dream. If you’re like me, you have imagined college life at an Ivy League University, cycling in Amsterdam or shopping in Dubai – for these young women, they have not only visited the globe but they have decided to make homes in countries outside of their own. We connected with writer & strategist, Kendra Hunsley, photographer, Bobo Matyila and writer Jabu Sopete to find out what it’s really like on the other side.

What has been your experience living outside South Africa and Africa as a Black woman?



Jabu: Thanks to technology, I never feel like an outsider when I come home because I keep contact with all my close friends and family while I’m abroad and I always make it a point that I visit home every 6 – 8 months. I never want to lose the connection and genuine relationships I have formed here before moving abroad. I believe that these are the people who know the real me and have been with me through it all and have my best interests at heart. Also, even though I live abroad, I still read current news about South Africa and follow the same publications I used to read and occasionally check trending topics on social media.

Is there a different kind of blackness and treatment you  have experienced whilst living abroad?