Resilience: In Support of Women Taking Over the World


This time last year, I wanted to QUIT, I didn’t stop believing in TSTMKRS but I had completely stopped believing in myself. I had unsuccessfully released our first product, had made some critical errors that went very public, went through a serious breakup, and had just been turned down by an investor I wanted (and needed) badly – all in a matter of 90 days!

It literally felt like the world was falling on top of me. I couldn’t pay a single bill, my friends were inviting me over for dinners just so I could eat, and it was a time that I couldn’t see a way out but yet – I kept working. It was almost an out-of-body experience, I would take my son to school, come home, work feverishly on changing the TSTMKRS business model not knowing how I would hire the team to actually build it. I just knew that without working through what my immediate circumstance was, I would never get there.

I was really fortunate at the time to have a few things going for me. A partner who kept believing that TSTMKRS has important work to do even when I could only see the problems in front of me, a team that kept hustling even if survival wasn’t guaranteed, a network of amazing women who I could laugh and often cry with, and RESILIENCE a quality passed down to me by the women in my family who somehow made a way out of no way time after time.



The beautiful thing about resilience, is that it isn’t a superhuman quality.

The beautiful thing about resilience, is that it isn’t a superhuman quality. As women we almost naturally possess it – how else would we be able to bounce back to life after birthing a whole human?! Sometimes though, we forget this innate quality and fall victim to the now. Entrepreneurship is NOT EASY, I just finished the Upstarts and am now reading Ben Horowitz’s book “The Hard Thing about Hard Things”. I love the title of the second one, because the truth is – there isn’t a silver bullet that tells you how to build a company or a life even. What we do have, is the ability to bounce back, the ability to press reset, push through and try again.

Last year at this exact time, I didn’t even think I would be in a position write this message to you. This year we’ve launched a new product, got into the biggest startup accelerator for our industry, and I get to share my journey at the Women Werk Conference in NYC. If you’re in town this Saturday, March 10th I hope you can swing by, say hello, and gain something special from the exciting speakers in the room. The theme is “Reset: Bounce Back from Setbacks” – appropriate given the last 12 months.

To the wonderful women that support what we’re building – thank you! As you come up against your own hurdles – keep pushing. I’m definitely rooting for you!