#AfroPunkJoburg Through Nwabisa’s Lens


Global festival brand, Afropunk, decided to grace South Africa with a 2 day festival event filled with a great line-up of African and International acts, the attendees decided to show up with an overwhelming amount of blackness, love, queerness, fashion and good vibes. We asked 1/3 of Pap Culture, Nwabisa Mda, who is quickly becoming recognized for her candid portrait photography which she posts on her Instagram page, to share with us her photo diary of the weekend. Have a look in the gallery below.

From Nwabisa 

So taking photo’s has always been my thing I just never had the devices that made the pots. I don’t wanna become a photographer I just really love capturing happy people, just so I can hoard the images in my bank of memories (I have over 10 000 images on my phone ?). I’m a bit of a sentimental person and this is my way of freezing special moments and people in my life. For me, memories DO live like people do. Lol..*hides*

I’m literally that annoying friend who finds any excuse to take photos…even if it’s just lunch with the girls. The moment the gyelz arrive…it’s PHOTOSHOOT TIME! And trust they roll their eyes at me…but I always say to them “iheeeeee ubona nje you gonna want these images for your profile pictures” Lol…so really wherever I go, I always have my camera.

But I recently got the iPhone 8Plus and my Gaaahd the pictures that this 8GOD produces, sends me over the edge. It’s like I might as well throw my camera away sometimes hahaha. And ke we all know that Afropunk had many restrictions and as a regular degular, you weren’t allowed to bring any camera’s with detachables…but what they didn’t know was that I HAD THE 8GOD … so nje everything was gonna be ok … LOL.

So the festival for me was about being with family and friends and just entering the New Year in peace with my favourite humans. I love…well I’m obsessed with Portrait images (I have a folder on my phone with over 500 images just nje for inspiration). So any time I take photo’s, its important that the person/people I’m capturing are comfortable (that’s why more times than not, my photos are candid – I even tell the person to carry on chatting or continue typing on their phones and then I just go about my way).

So any moment I can get to capture people, laughing / smiling and just purely having a great time….I’m ever ready to just snap away.

Taking photos for me…is a combo of great lighting, a good device and patience. I literally wait for the moments before I snap.

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