Moyin Oloruntoba is our Social Star


Cape Town-based, Nigerian born Moyin Oloruntoba is one of three finalists in the Social Star competition that gets to jet off to Mauritius on Samsung’s dime. The 26 year old was selected from 377 entries to spend time with the best in the business including businesswomen and ex-Miss South Africa, Jo-Ann Strauss. The competition which is  tailor made for young digital content makers is really Moyin’s for the taking, here’s why:

As the founder of The A1 TV channel on Youtube which has over 1,5 million views, Moyin has taken on the roles of entrepreneur, content creator, influencer, presenter and model. Her channel produces some of the best content pieces in youth culture and entertainment focusing specifically on African pop culture and celebrity news. The quality of production is part of a handful of the best in the country and sits comfortably within the  best of the Youtube community.

Moyin also flexes her commentator muscle as a weekly guest and contributor on SABC 3’s daily morning show, Expresso on all things Pan African entertainment news. 

One of South Africa’s women’s glossies, Fairlady Magazine, named Moyin as their 2016 Rising Star. The magazine and its sponsors recognize a rising star as a budding entrepreneur with a young business that is making waves in her industry. ‘FAIRLADY is all about the future of South Africa. We want to award success, but we also want to award potential – which is why we include the Rising Star award.’ said Fairlady editor. 

Moyin produces her shows on The A1 TV as part of her company Moze Media which she founded in 2015 which not only makes her an content owner but a BOSS! Recently, the channel joined forces with hospitality company, The Radisson RED, to host and curate an event featuring some of South Africa’s best young content creators. 

She is not stopping anytime soon, Moyin has major plans for the rest of the year and the future and we’re sure that the Social Star competition will only drive her goals forward. So, for us, the choice is obvious but we’ll leave that to the judges and wish Moyin all the best – we’ll update once she wins. ?