5 Things to Know about Vuyi Zondi and her Skincare Business


You may have heard of the Corium Naturals skincare range already but did you know that the founder is a young black woman? Vuyi Zondi, a management consultant, spoke to Tim Modise on Touch HD Online about how she runs and sustains her skincare brand. This is what we found out about the entrepreneur and her business. 


The brand’s name is taken from an old romantic language, Corium means ‘truest skin’  in Latin. 


Vuyi started the skincare range from her own pocket and has sustained it thus far, she says so far it has “payed for itself but the brand’s traction garnered will mean that they will need to look for funding soon.”

When asked about how she and her team have marketed the brand, Vuyi states that the marketing strategy was and is rooted in consumer education. This made customers and potential customers confident enough to speak about it to the next person. The more people knew about the products and ingredients, the more interest they had. 


Continuing with this marketing angle, Corium Skincare launched a blog recently. Vuyi’s goal with it is, “to become a credible discussion platform on all things that relate to natural skincare. It will become a leading voice in the natural beauty arena and be the first reference for our customers and more skincare enthusiasts alike.”


The success of the brand thus far has allowed Vuyi to bring in more resources. Besides herself, Vuyi has a team of 4 working with her on Corium Naturals both adhoc and full time. 


Images: Corium Naturals