Turn 2 of Your Regular Routines into Self-Care Musts


Putting your smart-phone on flight mode, going on that 20 minute run, finishing a chapter in your current read or running a bubble bath and sitting in it until your fingers and toes prune – all of these are forms of self-care. The 2017 woman knows that she can switch off from a world that demands the most from her regularly for self-preservation and to show some self-appreciation.

Below I have gathered some of my favourite cosmetics and linked them to some self-care activities where I turn the world off even for just a few minutes, and turn the pampering on.


We really all should be face-masking at least once a week but the way that beauty advice columns have framed this activity as a chore, I often get lazy to do it. This all changed when I shifted my thinking from a weekly must do process, to a relaxing activity that I use to take care of my skin while also showing myself some love. I love putting on the Dischem Nature’s Nourishment masks (available with different ingredients) and spending the 15-20 minutes catching up on some of my favourite blogs which I don’t get to do often. This has become something that I really look forward to during the week and it leaves me feeling like a responsible adult too.


Extended Body Rubs

Anyone else enjoy chilling in your towel or robe for long periods after a bath or shower? Yeah me too. Except instead of letting my skin get ashy in the process, I spend probably too long of a time moisturizing my body with lotions that smell delicious and leave my skin feeling like silk. My favourite has to be the Sorbet Sugar Scrub and Body Lotion combo. The scrub is used during my shower or bath, I generously lather it all over my body then rinse with warm water. I put the lotion on while my body is still damp after a few minutes of air drying. This is even better if you have someone with big hands to do it for you *hint hint. I usually relax in my robe for hours after this, eating fruit and watching series or take a nap.

These are 2 very regular activities that can become the self-care must do’s that you look forward to every week. Share with us your self-care activities that you never miss on Twitter @MelenialMag ?


Images: Blossom Lovely Photography