Thozama Mputa


26 year oldĀ Masters in Landscape Architecture Student

Thozama Mputa was born in Cape Town, South Africa, studying a Masters in Landscape Architecture at the University of Cape Town, having completed her undergraduate studies in landscape architecture at the University of Pretoria in 2013. Thozama paints portraits in landscapes in mixed medium, often combining the two with emphasis on colour and on line with hatching techniques learnt in architecture. Thozama practices film photography and enjoys double exposing the film layering landscapes, cityscapes and portraiture while capturing the experiential.

On Achievements

I have learnt not to be afraid of voicing my thoughts and opinions verbally through my studies and through my artwork, I have learnt to share my work on various public platforms without fear, and having resilience through obstacles that I come across. I would have not been able to achieve in my field without all these aspects. Overcoming all these aspects makes me proud.

On Pushing Boundaries

Using the combination of my artwork, photography, voice, work in landscape architecture and my engagement with individuals, I aim to make people aware of how they positively and negatively impact their environment, promoting a healthy relationship between individuals and the environment.

On Inspiration

My family, friends, classmates, lectures and individuals I encounter daily inspire me. I am inspired by Africa its beauty and its people, and I cannot forget the individuals I encounter online daily.

On Being 16

There is no formula to life, you will experience failure and disappointment and it wont kill you!

Image by Matthew Griffiths, Future Cape Town.