Owethu Makhathini


24 year old founder of Makhathini Media

Owethu Makhathini is a young black woman passionate about entrepreneurship, black sisterhood and all things online marketing. She’s a full time International Relations student at UKZN who is also interested in global politics. She facilitates workshops on digital marketing and has helped train over 70 000 people supported by Google, Barclays and later Facebook. You can find her deep in chakra twitter @owethumack.

My greatest achievement is definitely starting my own company.

Continuing to push boundaries for me means I’ll never compromise my values for a cheque. Being authentic and passionate is what has pushed me to do what I have and I will continue to speak up for ownership, blackness and womanhood.

In year, I want to be known as an award winner.

My inspirations include Beyoncé, my great grandmother Mary Thipe and all my sister friends.

To me at 16; write that shit down! You’re going to circle back to everything that ever inspired you and make an honest living off of it. Well done for staying true, we are on our way babygirl!

Image by Tarryn Hatchett for 10and5