Mixo Mathebula


22 year old Business Analyst & Creator of #ThighsForJeaux

I’m a Mutsonga woman whose name means dawn.┬áI just graduated with an Honours in Informatics. I’m a self proclaimed nerd. I just really want to sleep all the time.┬áIntimidator of men. Connoisseur of thighs. Better known as Mijeaux/Jeaux. Creator of #ThighsForJeaux. Others call me Jeaux Slay Mourinho. I believe we’re constantly evolving and I’m really just trying to be surrounded by plants and flowers. I’m not asking for a lot. This doesn’t say much of anything right? Perfect.
On Achievements
For me, my Honours degree is one of my greatest achievements. It gave me so much confidence (despite the hardships) and opened my eyes to the myriad of things I can do. It also revealed my purpose. I really never thought an Informatics degree would be that meaningful but hey. #ThighsForJeaux has also been one of my sources of pride. Getting messages and tweets from people telling their story and how the # has helped them has brought me immense joy.
On Pushing Boundaries
In terms of social media as a vehicle for change, I really just want people to look at the # and want to do the same and even more. In my professional field, I intend on ensuring that more and more young black girls enter this field. We need us.
On Perceptions
I really wanted to answer “I don’t want to be known” but this is not that type of party. I suppose I want people to know me as someone who loves when people love themselves. It is after all why I started #ThighsForJeaux. I really just wanted people to love on themselves and others even if it’s just for a short amount of time.
On Inspiration
The people I come across via social media inspire me so much. I also draw great inspiration from nature. It brings me clarity and peace of mind.
On Being a 16 year old
You’re doing just fine.