Different Faces for Different Spaces


In the last two years I have garnered a big interest in make-up products and application, this has much to do with the fact that I started working and actually had the coins to spend on something other than food and toiletries. When I started interning after varsity, I noticed that appearance matters – I would feel a little insecure when I hadn’t made an effort on my appearance and a client came into the office or we had a big meeting. So I started slowly buying make-up and watching tutorials on how to apply what, where and why.

Disclaimer alert, I am definitely not a beauty blogger but I have a very keen interest in my face and what I put on it when I want to look banging. So these looks are based purely on my routine and how I have maneuvered what looks work for certain occasions. As an operations officer of a company that does a large amount of content production, my job is different every day.  I can sit in the office all day doing reports the one day and be running around on a photo shoot set the next day just before having to attend an event in the evening, so my make-up needs to show up for all these different kind of parties.

I have 3 make-up looks that I regularly and religiously alternate between: my day-to-day basic face, my “okay, actual people are going to see me today” face and my party face complete with contouring and the works! Below I have pictured each look along with which make-up cheapies I use to create the look.

No Fuss Face








To be honest , if I know I have a quiet day in the office, I am not going to put on make-up unless I really feel like it and have an extra 20-30 minutes in the morning. The most I do on these days is perfect my eyebrows. I must confess, I have not groomed my brows since December last year and I have been riding on my natural shape and the Brow Gel + Brow Kit + Concealer combo to keep deceiving my selfie camera and the naked eye. What’s really important to me with this quick beat is looking awake and a lot of that has to do with the eyes so I will always do a brown eye shadow with mascara and leave the eyeliner out. This subdued pink lippie I used here is from Black Opal but I received it in a tester palette and I cannot remember the shade’s name, sorry. ?

Blend to Impress Face






This look is only a small build up from the basic one, it includes the addition of eye liner, a brighter shadow on the eye lid and a brighter lip. This look really works for me when I have to make a first impression. I usually wear it to meetings and meet-ups with friends.

 Groove-Proof Face



A fave. I love this look because I love playing with make-up. Best served in the night time, the groove-proof face let’s me play with contouring, highlighting, etc. Always set aside about 30-40 mins for this  one. This isn’t the best version of this look that I have done, but you ladies get the idea. ?


Let me know which is your go-to face and which one you’re keen to try out in the comment section below.


Images by Blossom Lovely Photography