Vuyo Renene


22 year old Musician

A songstress oshiy’ induk’ ebandla (Leaving a good mark behind). Vuyo Renene is leaving no note unsung as she serenades the South African music scene with her amazing vocal prowess. A full-time BCom Law student, Renene is betting on herself as a self-managed musician and artist, turning her passion into profit.

Renene says she cannot recall a time without music being her daily bread, “for as long as I can remember, music has always been a pinnacle point of reference towards the world around me: whether I was creating it or observing the vehement power and influence it could bear onto people’s lives, music has shaped the universe as I know it. Music has been my first teacher and friend that guided my footsteps and held my hand through the everyday highs and lows we experience in this wonderful yet often turbulent flight of life.”

The road has not always been easy for the singer/songwriter. Vuyo took the leap of faith and had the guts to chase her lifelong dream of being a musician, and it paid off, having her  first music video for her single “Hi” aired on Trace Africa as part of it’s BTB (Bout to Blow) program. “That’s really been a big achievement for me” said a proud Vuyo.

Renene hasn’t stopped there. In addition to studying her BCom Law degree, she has been doing an online course in music business, music theory, vocal recording production and digital marketing. Vuyo believes in the power of education and empowering yourself, reiterating that, “Once I’ve completed my BCOM law degree, I really want to enroll for a degree in Music Business, because I want to step into the business side of [the music] industry. I think that there are so few females in executive positions in the music industry, especially in South Africa, so I want to be one of the youngest black female executives in South Africa. It’s really important for me, because as women we need a seat at the table and as an upcoming artist myself, I know how difficult it is for women to enter into the market and really be afforded the same opportunities as men.”

Young, ambitious and talented, Renene continues to push boundaries as she plans with in the year to open and sign at least two other artists to her entertainment company, and grace her Johannesburg and perhaps Durban fans with performances to Johannesburg.

Despite all that Vuyo has achieved, she has not forgotten imvelaphi yakhe (her roots). Renene says she is greatly inspired by her parents, “Although neither of them are in the creative field, I’m really inspired by how much they give and are dedicated to their work. I’ve learnt that hardwork and discipline play a very big role in success, talent is not enough, and I feel that I have learnt about hard work and discipline from them.”

No matter where she is going or has been, Vuyo has remained true to herself. Reflecting on her journey, she said she would tell her 16 year old self to, “Stay away from boys? Kidding, I think I would tell my 16 year old self that it’s okay to experiment with different passions. When I was 16 , I was so driven by what others expectations of me, and I neglected a lot of my own dreams, such as music, because I thought that it wasn’t meant for me, and I really regret it, because I feel that if I had spent even just a little bit of my energy, practicing music or writing more, I would’ve realized much earlier that I wanted to pursue it full time when I  would eventually leave school. I also feel that it would’ve brought me a lot more happiness, and made me feel a lot more fulfilled.”

Images by Neo Baepi