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I have recently re-discovered my love for really well-curated online content – I could sit and read online for hours! I have always been a blog lover but there was a time I grew tired and bored of what South African online content had to offer so I stopped bothering to even open my favourite pages. In what seems to be an overnight transition (my new detachable notebook laptop may have had something to do with it), I found my love for blogs again on a random Friday night, wine in-hand and with no sleep in sight.

After visiting maybe 20 sites in one night, I couldn’t help but be captivated by some of our Mzansi bloggers’ beautifully designed sites, fomo inducing imagery and captivating writing. This is something that led me away when I initially stopped viewing blogs – no one was quite getting a great mix of these three things. However, I have come to report that my faith is restored and if you’re anything like me (an incredibly fussy content consumer with a specific love for lifestyle blogs by black girls) you will enjoy scrolling down these ladies’ platforms.

Kendra Hunsley: Kotton & Silk





Twiggy & Sedi: Sleepless in Soweto

The most fun sister duo on Twitter are also long-time lifestyle bloggers. UCT Honours graduate, Tshepang Mollison, started Sleepless in Soweto during her studies in Cape Town but only started taking it seriously and pushing monetization around 2015. Her sister Lesedi Ramonyane, who is a digital marketing professional frequently contributes to the platform. What I love about SIS (see what I did there?) is incredibly relateable Twiggy and Lesedi are – both in their blog articles and their social media commentary. Every post is written as though it is a friend telling you about the latest clothing items from your favourite brand or the coolest hidden gem of a spot to visit. From the best lucnhing spots to practical banking advice, like a true friend, Sleepless in Soweto covers it all.

What sets them apart is their authenticity which has proven their staying power in the blogging game in South Africa. Tshepang is recognized among the local industry’s pioneers and true originals. Keep up with these two on Instagram.

Aisha Baker: Baked Online


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