Street Style Steals for Your Winter Wardrobe Update


Joburg’s fashion killas made their way to Joziburg Lane a couple of weeks ago to be enthralled by exhibitors such as Prime Obsession, GalXBoy, The Threaded Man and DEAD. in a fashion showcase like the country has never seen before. Kulture Fashion Spaces which launched in December 2016 has ushered in a new exciting space for fashion exhibition in Johannesburg (for now). Each of the exhibitors produced 5-10 minutes fashion shows to showcase their brands, clothing and style chops.

What was pleasantly surprising to see, however, was that the fashion and style did not only manifest on the stages but in the way that the attendees chose to dress themselves. Of course, we would expect nothing less from some of the most influential people in the city but it was so good that we had to take notes.

We’re looking at the best trends from the street style runway that can be noted for the Winter wardrobe update. These are easy enough trends that will keep you warm and won’t cost you a course fee to make happen.

The Essential Poloneck

Look, you’re not going to get through the chilly season without this Winter essential. From fighting black moms about this uncool staple to now not being able to do without it, a poloneck  a few polonecks must be in your wardrobe. You can wear it as an outer garment or under a couple of layers to give your look volume and to keep warm, duh!

Oversized Sport Sweaters

A chic take on American football team sweaters, this item can work in your wardrobe as a jersey option. Often readily available at any thrift store, they won’t break the bank. Wear it as a short dress with tights underneath or go full cover with a skinny pair of jeans or leather pants for a casual Winter look.


Monochrome Tones

The easiest way to not look like you’re packing on all the layers this season is by simplifying your look items into the same colour tones. Monochrome dressing has been the vibe ever since Monica Rose took over the styling of the Kardashian/Jenners and it works! This trend is pleasing to the eye and can instantly make your look classic.

Texture Play

Again, because it is the season of piling on layers, it can be difficult to keep your outfits stylish and OOTD-worthy.  A way around this is by combining different textures in the same outfit to create volume. Play with ruffles, bell sleeves, knits, mesh and leather to keep it interesting!

Leather for the Weather

Last but not least – LEATHER! How anyone survives a Joburg or Cape Town Winter without a good leather jacket in the classic biker cut is difficult to comprehend. This item will immediately turn any outfit into casual gold and it has obvious functional benefits like insulating heat. A leather jacket can be added to almost any look and it will be bomb!

Illustration by Nicholle Kobi | Images by Cedric Nzaka for Everyday People Stories