“Be Vigilant”: How Ladies are Attempting to Stay Safe


Illustration by: Nicholle Kobi | Images by: Blossom Lovely Photography  | Written by: Nomvelo Chalumbira  | Edited by: Simbongile Ndlangisa 

Personal safety has become of great importance for us womxn, now more than ever before. We are seeing and  are more aware of the spike in reports of acts of violence committed against womxn. We are living in an increasingly violent society in which the fear of crime is ever-present.

Ladies our safety is absolutely paramount whether at home, groove or work/campus. Even though the burden to stay safe and be safe should not fall on us wholly, we come first so let’s protect ourselves by all means possible.

At the Savanna Loco event we asked our fellow Melenial Sista’s what they are doing to keep themselves safe during these volatile strife times.

Anelisa Mangcu

“How I stay safe is by basic communication. We can’t predict anything that could possibly happen to us [womxn], but the best thing to do is to notify people that you are close to about your whereabouts, where you are going and who you’re with – just keep people updated no matter how lame it is. We are in a very tumultuous period in our lives as women and for some reason now is the time that this is being brought to the foreground but this has been happening for years, decades and centuries. We are tired of the opposite sex feeling entitled to our bodies and our lives. We need more of our men to protect us instead of  feeling entitled to our bodies and lives. The only way to keep safe is make sure we’re open with the people we consider close to us and to be as transparent as possible about our whereabouts and what we’re doing.  So if anything were to happen, God forbid, they know where we are.” 

Mpho Ntlatleng

“First I share my location with my friends. I share my Uber number-plate, the Uber drive’s cellphone number with my sister and my friends. That is the most important part.”