YouTube Stars – The New Reality Sensation


Network operator, Cell C, began a reality TV show competition, Break The Net, which is searching for the next big South African YouTuber. The winner will walk away with R250 000 in prize money and a trip to LA worth R50 000.

Since the 23rd October 2016, and every Sunday night until 4th December, contestants are given tasks by Derrick Watts and The Sunday Blues. The tasks must are completed by way of a three minute video that must be uploaded within 48 hours of the task being issued. The competition is now down to the Top 5 of the best up and coming South African YouTubers.

We are big fans of YouTube. It has become the new Google for all your visual answers, from how to beat your face to the gods, to how to make a ten minute meal for your monthly Sunday lunch with mates, to catching up on any entertainment. YouTube is plug with all the answers. So, naturally we were drawn to Cell C’s Break The Net contestant Sibu Mpanza’s YouTube Channel.


Now a great deal of you may know the woke and funny Sibu Mpanza. Anyway, for those of you who have been living under a rock for eons, Sibu Mpanza is a talented photographer and YouTuber in his own right. With already well over a 100 000 views on YouTube and being the runner up for the African Blogger Awards 2016 as the Top YouTube Channel in Africa, Sibu is already ahead of the game and ready to be the Number 1 African YouTuber whilst #BreakingTheNet. However the accolades are not what make this YouTuber Melenial Magic. Instead it’s his witty social commentary, wokeness and good energy that draw you to him and his work.


Who is Sibu Mpanza?

I am a young UCT student with a passion for sharing ideas and telling stories. I make YouTube Videos about my life and social issues with a comedic touch. II am an amateur fashion photographer with a love for social media

Describe Yourself in 5 words.

Creative, Ambitious, Forthright, Hard-working, Incredibly Impatient

When and why did you begin the Sibu Mpanza YouTube Channel (the inspiration)?

August 2014 – I had just stumbled upon YouTubers and watching them made me really happy, so I decided I would really like to make people as happy as those YouTubers made me.

What makes your channel different from other channels in the competition, locally and globally?

I don’t think people tackle issues in a way that is as outspoken as I do. I make relatable content in a black South African context and I have found a way to talk about my life and greater issues without barriers.

Where do you see the Sibu Mpanza channel going and doing?

I only see it getting bigger and better. More collaborations. More fun. Bigger projects. My goal is to reach 5000 subscribers by next year August. (3 year anniversary).

If you won, what would you do with the prize money?

Pay my siblings school fees is top of the list. Otherwise, apart from saving, I would use the money to invest in my brand. More equipment, more traveling, having that money would allow me to think bigger in terms of projects I want to embark on.

Besides your channel, what do you do?

I am a student at the University of Cape Town. I study Social Development and Gender Studies

Who and what inspires you?

My friends. My biggest inspirations are my peers. So many people are doing so well in their respective areas and they always keep me on my toes and push me to be better than I was yesterday.

In your understanding, what’s your definition (meaning) of Melenial (Black Girl Magic)?

Strength, but also vulnerability.
It’s being unapologetically black.
Its being comfortable in your own skin.
It’s Kinky Afro’s and Long weaves.
It’s creating standards and pushing boundaries
Its black girl excellence.

Well there you have it folks. Sibu Mpanza, the Next Big South African YouTuber. We are calling it. How can one deny such greatness?! Do the right thing and just view his videos for yourself, believe us, you won’t help but subscribe, like, share and re-watch.


One can catch all the action and journey of the aspirant contestants on the Cell C Reality app for Android and iOS. Download the Cell C Reality App to catch all the drama unfold.

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