#BreakTheNet YouTube x Cell C Style


We are big fans of YouTube. It has become the new Google for all your visual answers, from how to beat your face to the gods, to how to make a ten minute meal for your monthly Sunday lunch with mates. YouTube is plug with all the answers. So, naturally we were drawn to the latest craze, Cell C’s Break The Net YouTube challenge.

Network operator, Cell C, began a new digital reality app show competition, Break The Net, which is searching for the next big South African YouTuber. The winner will walk away with R250 000 in prize money and a trip to Hollywood worth R50 000.

Since the 23rd October 2016, and every Sunday night until 4th December, contestants are given tasks by Derrick Watts and The Sunday Blues. The tasks must be completed by way of a three minute videos that must be uploaded within 72 hours of the task being issued. The competition is now down to the Top 30 of the best up and coming South African YouTubers.

We are excited about Cell C’s Break The Net (#BTN) online reality show. Not only is #BTN an innovative and interesting way for consumers to consume and produce content, but also will change the nature of reality shows and finally showcase South Africa as one of the leading players in social media enhancement. We are keen to see where #BTN takes the competitors.

So, what does it actually take to become the greatest and biggest YouTuber? What are we as the YouTube audience looking for in the contestants? Quick disclaimer: we are no professionals, but after countless hours of watching videos after videos, we have come up with our very own Melenial #5 Opinion formula to Break The Net and become the biggest YouTube sensation to date.


#1: Consistent Posting

The absolute golden rule for any successful online platform. Contestants are challenged to make it a habit to post new videos regularly (due to their weekly task).


#2: Be Different and Innovative

Cliché but the truth – In order to be noticed and have a successful channel contestants must set themselves apart. Not only from their fellow competitors but the rest of the YouTube Community. The aim is to simply become highly recognizable and easy to explain to new viewers/subscribers. This is how one creates a following.


#3: Content Quality

This Melenial Opinion cannot be stressed enough. #BreakingTheNet contestants must and can only publish content of thee highest production value. If your content doesn’t look professional, us viewers simply won’t take you seriously. After all, there’s a lot at stake (*clears throat – prize money and grand title of biggest South African YouTuber and that should be enough motivation any to create outstanding content). Remember it is about relevance over reach that keep us coming back to view, like, subscribe and share.


#4: Collaboration
There is indeed power in numbers and sharing. To be the best in the ever growing community of YouTube, contestants need to be resourceful and build relationships with their audience and with other channels. There is no shame in taking advantage of the platform and grow through collaborations. This makes for great and fresh content as well as involving a diverse audience.


#5: The Entertainment Factor

As Snoop Dogg once said, ‘Are You Not Entertained?’, everything has become about entertainment and keeping your audience wanting more. To Break The Net, contestants should seriously consider delivering their content with a message through entertainment. For instance if social woke commentary is your POA, then perhaps a little humour or spice will add that X Factor to the channel. Make it entertaining to watch.


Now the R250 000 question. Who will be the next Big South African YouTuber and #BreakTheNet with Cell C. We have a few ideas, but we shall keep you posted. In the mean time, do the right thing and just view your favourite contestants videos for yourself, believe us, you won’€t help but subscribe, like, share and re-watch.

With Cell C #BTN, the future of social media business is now a reality.

Catch all the action and journey of the aspirant contestants on the Cell C Reality app for Android and iOS. Click on the relevant photograph and Download the Cell C Reality App to catch all the drama unfold now.