A Black Native @ Oppikoppi Festival


Before the Festival…

Perhaps it’s the adventurer in me or FOMO that always has me trying out all sorts of things at least once.

Oppikoppi has been a long-standing event on the South African festivals calendar since democracy. As a fan of festivals, I decided to give Oppikoppi a try this year. Oppikoppi is synonymous with being a white jol, which is understandable since it started out as a Rock festival. And we all know that for a very long time, Rock music was not popular amongst us Black folk, or at least here eMzansi.


Festival Look Inspiration


I am not saying that I am a fan of rock, but I am a fan of a good time and kick-ass party. So I have let the adventurer in me take the leap of faith and venture into the dusty unknown that is the Oppikoppi festival. Truth be told, I do have my reservations about what kind of people I shall encounter. I am not particular about the kind of people I party with, because at the end of the day, it’s all about the vibe, music and having an amazing time with your squad and other good time (party) lovers out there. However post high-school, I have more often (sub)consciously found myself partying in spaces that have a Black/mixed majority.  Although my consolation is that over the years, Oppi has made some strides in diversifying its line ups to accommodate us non rocker fans. And more of abantu (Black folk) have been frequenting Oppi in the past few years.


70’s fringed inspired festival look


When the Beat Drops & You Feel the Song in Your Soul #Gqom

Honestly, I am excited about the trip. Since I am not one to just go bundu bashing for fun, unless ngiy’ emakhaya (going to the rural’s)  in Zimbabwe or KZN to visit my grandparents or a family reunion, I have no great expectations but to have a once in a life-time experience (literally one time only) and a really good time.  Perhaps it’s the person that I am going with or the my curious bug getting the better of me. Either way, I am ready to jiva till my body aches all weekend.


Anyway you’ll just have to stay tuned and see what happens….



After the festival…

So it’s over a week ago since the 2016 Oppikoppi festival happened, and what a party it was. Yes i’ll admit it. I had an amazing time and would do it again in the future. The vibe is indescribable. I had a lot of fun without going too hard. Besides having my phone stolen, Oppikoppi is one for the books. It really surprised me that I would have that much of a good time. I found home at the Red Bull Studios stage and made new acquaintances.