Grooving for Good: Free Education Live Concert


Student activism was arguably the biggest political event in 2015 stemming largely from the decolonisation project at UCT by the Rhodes Must Fall Movement. By now, we should all be familiar with the activities of the wider Fees Must Fall Movement responsible for holding the country at randsom, and rightly so, at the governing offices of The Union Buildings.

In 2016, students of the Wits Fees Must Fall Movement are delving into different protest and awareness-building methods. In disruption of university registration, Wits FMF held a powerful #ASINAMALI campaign to protest the exorbitant upfront fee that is needed in order to qualify as a student of the university. Last week saw the movement engaging in a #FUCK campaign in support of a fellow student taken to the Human Rights Commission for wearing a T-Shirt with the slogan, “Fuck White People.”

Last weekend, Wits FMF moved into another phase of their conscientising efforts by holding a free discussion and live concert featuring The Muffinz, Zuko Collective, The Bother Moves On, Zethina Moses, Symatics, Nongoma, Just Themba, Children of the Wind, Genius and Analyser and Romz Deluxe. Read below the movement’s aims for the concert.


The concert will kick off with a discussion on the #ASINAMALI campaign in order to highlight the myriad of issues facing students as a result of the exclusions and students whom, after their parents have been able to scrape the bare minimum needed to gain access into the system through the R9,634 needed as an upfront payment, have been rendered homeless, reduced to sleep in libraries or squatting as a result of not being able to access accommodation or support themselves while in these institutions.


As a movement, we recognise the fact that education is a public good, the right to which has been enshrined into our constitution, and therefore will continue to act against any exclusionary measures that have been adopted by university administrators, in alliance with the state, including to act against the criminalisation of students, the outsourcing and intimidation of workers on campuses and the increasing militarising of campuses that are meant to be spaces to engage public discontent and discourse.


Our mission is to always demonstrate how the university, through its insistence on betraying the hopes and dreams of many Black South Africans, continues to adopt anti-black ideologies and practises that further plunge young Black South Africans into hopeless futures where even the possibility to patronise the higher education space as a means to achieving mobility towards economic freedom, has been rendered an impossibility. We maintain that it is only through the provision of free decolonised quality education by our institutions of higher learning that these futures can be realised.

View the gallery above for what went down at the concert.