The Best of #BBZPoetry


Yesterday, Black Twitter paid homage to the art of the spoken word. Poetry has long since been associated with the English language and literature spanning thousands of centuries. As times change (and get better, tbh), language evolves, at an even faster pace with the help of technology and the internet. The most noticeable English era though, has to be the MXit era in South Africa – the times when we all thought we were cul bcz we ddnt uz vwels. Fast forward almost a decade and predicative text later, and people still text like they didn’t attend a phonetics class. Here’s the plot twist though, WE LOVE IT! President of BBZ Twitter, Lerato Mlambo (@leighratoh), shout outs MXit text and reveals why it is actually a form of protest for some.

BBZ Poetry. @Leighratoh

The BBZ movement has always been a twitter joke but it has never been this popular before. We noticed that there was a certain group of grown up people who still used the texting style from Mxit; where words are shortened and contain as few vowels as possible. ‎For example, they will write “str8” instead of straight.
I found it annoying to read text written in that manner until I noticed how those people just didn’t care about the construct the English language. We may all laugh at them but they are truly not prisoners to the rules of a foreign colonial language. I thought the joke was on us people who worry about typing an oppressive language to perfection even in social media spaces where we’re not collecting marks or earning a salary.
And so the Bbz movement was popularised like that with the help of Dineo (@DeesseDee) and Lopang (@MissLopi). It annoys some people but most have been receptive to how we tweet each other in “Bbz language”. It brings out the light side of twitter and we can all enjoy the shared humour. As a black queer woman, I get involved in a lot of social justice topics on Twitter and it sometimes gets too heavy. Bbz Twitter becomes my escape. People love it too.
  • We run a Ministry of Bbz
  • We help people achieve their crushes with Hy Bbz Tutorials (I shared this while I was on @CurateZAR )
  • Sigade icountry
  • And now we just went one up on Valentine’s Day With #BbzPoetry (I asked for verses because I was feeling kinda sad yesterday and I needed to cheer up)


Here are our favourite BBZ Poems 


2. U wl mt me at da riva.

3. Love back granted!

4.  Yes WAIZE!

5. Please Call AIRTYM

6. TRU!

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