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A Film About Freedom & Redemption


The western film genre is one that is well known for its gritty action and notorious characters who shoot to kill whether the intent is pure or not. Be that as it may the locally produced Five Fingers for Marseilles strives to turn the genre on its head with a raw depiction of a story that comments subtly on the human condition. Scripted by Sean Drummond and directed by Michael Matthews, this film is a reflective lyrical piece on freedom and redemption. From the onset, we are confronted with cinematic landscapes, a melancholic musical score and characters who beg for the audience to watch and reflect on the subject matter of the film. As the plot goes, the “five fingers” in the title refers to the five friends who live in the rural town of Marseilles that have dedicated their lives to protecting the town against Apartheid police brutality. This is until Tau ...