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Sisterhood for Sale


We have seen a global wave of empowering communication aimed at appealing mostly to girls and womxn. Womxn, in all of their complex glory are finally going mainstream! This brand of communication has us all in awe of how represented we all feel, finally we are seen and seem to have a seat at the table. Should we be skeptical or should we be celebrating? The term “femvertising” has become the buzzword in ideation and strategy meetings worldwide. Femvertising is defined by SheKnows Media, which awards one winner in the category annually, as “advertising that employs pro-female talent, messages and imagery to empower women and girls.” Have the #PaleStale&Male boys clubs a la Mad Men finally heard our calls for more? I think not. We have been duped and to (reluctantly) paraphrase Trump; they’ve grabbed us by the pussy. Using the rich and visually appealing storytelling narrative, brands are given new ...

The Restorative Power of Black Sisterhood


Being a black 22 year old womxn in post-apartheid South Africa is demanding. Between smashing the cisheteronormativecapitalistpatriarchy and navigating love, career and everything in between something has got to give. Enter sisterhood. Discovering the transformative power of sisterhood has been an affirmation, a relief and a lifelong commitment to balance. In black womxn, I have found soulmates.   Healing from black girlhood by sharing commonalties with others is amazing. Having a safe space to share slayage, doubts and fears is one of the best benefits of sisterhood, for me. Our sisterhood is a space where we feel seen and our experiences completely validated. For a black girl living in a world that either ignores us or makes us hypervisible, sisterhood as a physical manifestation of space is invaluable.   Representation My sisterhood extends past my inner circle which means seeing black womxn slaying in their respective fields is just as empowering. I have found myself ...