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The 11 Books You Need to Read


Exams are practically over, a few more weeks left of the work year and you're thinking of making time for all the reading you missed in the year. Whether it be on the beach in a bikini or at home with a face mask on, these books could be the best companions. The recommendations include interesting books and additional online articles that touch on violence, love, feminism and masculinity to name a few. I tried to include as many African authors as possible. I hope you enjoy them! On Masculinity: Moffie by Andre Carl van den Merwe This book is about a young Afrikaans boy, Nicolas van den Swart, who is living in apartheid South Africa. He is a soft and gentle boy who doesn’t embody the hyper-masculinity that his father expects him to. However, his father is convinced that once he joins the military, he will come back a ‘real man’ not a ...