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The Collective Experience: Surviving An Anti-Black Space


I wrote today about leaving a toxic space with a broken heart. I wrote this because I was feeling nostalgic for evenings spent after work in the office, with amazing people. Evenings where we relished basking in one another’s magic and just, being. Those evenings were important when you felt like shrinking at many intervals throughout the day. I wrote this because many moons later, I can finally look back and reflect, broken heart healed, on how we survived a toxic environment. Ad agencies generally aren’t very healthy spaces, but we managed to create a space for ourselves despite it all. We managed to do such a great things at . We created a space that was safe, and kind, in the midst of such a toxic and anti-black space. We created magic. Here’s how we did it: We pursued greatness and excellence in our work, persistently. So no-one could ever, ever call ...