The name Melenial arises from the combination of the words Melenin, Millennial and Azania (the European-resistant name for South Africa).

Melenial is a digital lifestyle content magazine aimed at the millennials of Africa and the diaspora. The co-founders, Nomvelo Chalumbira and Simbongile Ndlangisa, decided this was a platform that was much needed and non-existent in South Africa.

We to cover a large spectrum in terms of content. Melenial has become a new way to identify for us with hopes that others can self-identify with what we are trying to create here.

To advertise /collab with Melenial

Official stats for our website’s audience will be released a month after the site goes live. If you are a brand, creative or fellow Melenial and would like to pitch advertising or collaborations of some sort in the meantime, please email nomvelo@melenial.com.

Yours in Millennial Magic,

Melenial Editors