A Recap of The Creative Womxn Hookup


We breakdown what you missed at The first Creative Womxn Hookup Brunch by Ants and CO in association with MELENIAL took place Saturday June 30, which was a great success.

For the first monthly salon brunch, we had Dj Doowap: Live Mix Dj, Sound Engineer, Stylist & Hair Artist, Karabo Moletsane: Award-winning Illustrator, Street Artist & Graphic, Stefanie Jason: Award-winning journalist, creative and editor and Delta The Leo: Musician and Choreographer as speakers for the day

We had casual conversations on a wide range of topics relating to the business of creativity, how to make a business from your creative craft, how to succeed and create a legacy from your creativity.

Ladies listening attentively to the chats at #TheCreativeWomxnHookup. Photo: Blossom Lovely Photography 

Ladies mingling and socialising with one another at #TheCreativeWomxnHookup Photo: Blossom Lovely Photography

All the ladies sat around a table and the conversation was facilitated by Landa Willie from Ants & Co and Simbongile Ndlangisa, Operations Director at MELENIAL Media.

The organisers that partnered together for #TheCreativeWomxnHookup. Left to right: Simbongile Ndlangisa, Nomvelo Chalumbira of Melenial Media and Landa Willie of Twenty Magazine. Photo: Blossom Lovely Photography

Each speaker spoke more in depth about what they do, which was then followed by questions about their work and of course the business of creativity from some of the ladies around the table.

Photo: Blossom Lovely Photography

Photo: Blossom Lovely Photography

Some Highlights:

Karabo Moletsane said creatives must not be afraid to ask for their worth and advised that every time you charge for something, double it, especially Black women, as they are charging 70% less than anyone else.

It is important to learn to monetise on your craft. As they say, nothing is for free, so don’t sell yourself short, because at the end of the day it only affects you the most.

ILLUSTRATED: Speaker Karabo Poppy Moletsane. Photo: Blossom Lovely Photography

Dj Doowap emphasised the need for one to know their value because when you know your value, people will respect you more.

“Keep working at your craft everyday. Creativity also comes in different ways and never put pressure on your craft otherwise you won’t enjoy it,” Doowap said.

#TheCreativeWomxnHookup Speaker: DJ Doowap. Photo: Blossom Lovely Photography

Stefanie Jason said as a creative it is important that even as a creative you do your research on whatever it is that you working on to contextualise and have knowledge on you work. Education is very important.  Jason also pushed for creatives to collaborate and speak to each other (it’s okay to ask for help) to understand the market. Most importantly Jason said that we all have to be okay with failure! (hard pill to swallow but necessary for progression and success).

#TheCreativeWomxnHookup Speaker: Stefanie Jason. Photo: Blossom Lovely Photography

Delta The Leo’s story is one of the most inspiring we have heard in a while. Coming from an impoverished background, Delta The Leo rose above her circumstances, beat the odds and went to become and internationally acclaimed dancer and choreographer and now a musician.

#TheCreativeWomxnHookup Speaker: Delta The Leo. Photo: Blossom Lovely Photography

The Creative Womxn Hookup is a great space for women to share their journeys with each other. Each month, with a new topic and prominent ladies in the creative industry, we share insights that will build a community of phenomenal creative ladies who push the boundaries, create and innovate.

#TheCreativeWomxnHookup goodie bags. Photo: Blossom Lovely Photography

#TheCreativeWomxnHookup goodie bags. Photo: Blossom Lovely Photography

For more photos of The Creative Womxn Hookup: Edition 1 

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