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Stefanie Jason is big fish award-winning journalist, creative and editor. We get to know her a little more ahead of The Creative Womxn Hookup on 30 June.

In 2018, Jason has embarked on the journey of co-curating an upcoming group photo exhibition of young Black South African photographers, whilst doing independent research on black women photographers in the South African photographic archive.

I’m an artist at heart, and if I’m not doing something creative, I’m dying

The previous editor in chief of cultural publication, is full and makes sure to keep her pulse on other creative projects, which has made 2018 one of her most successful and boundary defying years.“My highlights have been some of the my most scariest and exciting moments, namely going independent with the long term aim to work for myself and develop my own brand and projects, while retaining my work and spaces of interest,” Jason said.

Jason has worked in the media industry for over 10 years and the hard work is paying off; “It’s been arduous, a lot of late nights and not going out with friends, but the sacrifices are worth it. And when you do what you love, it doesn’t feel like work. I’m a creative, and even though I’m not a full time practicing artist, I’m an artist at heart, and if I’m not doing something creative, I’m dying. So the challenge would be to keep my soul satisfied and intellect and imagination engaged at all times,” she said.

Being in the creative industry is not easy and the support of those closest to you is important to keep one motivated and inspired. Jason is inspired and influenced by her partner, who keeps her on her toes, whilst maneuvering the maze of growth through her passions and other creatives. “My partner has the type of focus and compassion I admire. I just got a new flat, I’m finding inspiration in decorating my space and the ideas around what growing up and making a home is. Also, this article by Zadie Smith about age;  namely this quote: “the awareness of age is one of the few concrete ways we can measure our progress through this world, and that each stage of life has its season and something to teach us,” she said.

I’m proud of the scene, it’s definitely it’s own thing, it’s growing and we have much work to do too

Stefanie doesn’t like the comparisons against South Africa, as she believes the country has its own beauty and uniqueness to offer. Although it has taken a while, she feels we are getting there and need patience to hone our potential. “I rarely compare South Africa to the “international scene” because I think South Africa is part of the international scene. I think people from across the world or other parts of the continent see South Africa as part of the global community. And if the international scene is specifically the West, then I can’t really say because the West is not a measure I use to compare to South Africa. It helps that I haven’t traveled to the West in the last few years. South Africa has its own set of beauty and challenges, and seeing us for what we are is an accomplishment. I’m proud of the scene, it’s definitely it’s own thing, it’s growing and we have much work to do too,” she said.

These days Stefanie spends her days totally submerged in her research work, taking photographs, perfecting a handstand and eating some baked goods, (which she is 🥧🥨😂😭currently craving) lol!

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