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You can’t box this multi-talented womxn. Delta The Leo is a highly talented dancer, musician, and founder of live.learn.inspire dreamworks, where she gives inspirational talks and organises Youth Talent shows.

Delta The Leo is breaking boundaries within the music industry. She fuses all the musical influences in her life, including Kwaito, Reggae/dancehall, RnB and Hip Hop. She is living her purpose as a multi-disciplined entertainer and artist, enjoying the uncertainty of not knowing what to expect next.

Coming from a small town, Delta The Leo said people shouldn’t be quick to judge her.

“People are often surprised to learn that I’m from a small village, Vaalkop in Limpopo and that I in fact speak Sepedi. Apart from living in poverty (until we were fortunate enough to move to a better situation), the environment was always alive – the streets never slept. There were always different types of music genres playing at the same time and this in part contributed to my love for dance and music. While parents were doing their best to provide by working long hours, as the children we would spend time forming groups, dancing in the streets and finding other groups to battle (I guess this is where my competitive dance career started). Humble beginnings really,” she said.

Delta the Leo is currently working on various projects. She is heavily involved in charitable activities with Midcomp Giving as the Goodwill ambassador all whilst putting together and finalising her album.

“2018 has proved to be a blessed year thus far with many exciting things having happened and coming up. One of the biggest moments was performing for a crowd of 20 000 people from across the world in Croatia. I was a part of the Lenovo Foundation team which visited Eeram Farm School in the Free State to provide the learners with stationery. I was featured as one of the influencers for the Brutal Fruit #Bravetoloveme campaign and I released my second official music video for my single ‘The weekend’,” said Delta the Leo.

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Delta The Leo has proved that pushing boundaries and remaining true to achieving her dreams, while touching the lives of others have been a winning recipe for success.

“In order to make my footprint on the industry, I have stayed true to who I am and ensured that my music is authentic to my story. I do not shy away from the things that often make people uncomfortable to talk about (if it is a true reflection of who I am or where I am in my journey – I am very open and honest about this). Most importantly I aim to inspire and promote individuality,” said the rapper.

Delta the Leo said she is greatly influenced and inspired by God, “the wonders of His creation (people, nature, loved ones, myself),” she said

When asked about her views on the media and creative industry in South Africa, Delta The Leo believed that South Africa’s potential is still in its infant stages and yet to really blossom.

“We are unique and this is making the rest of the world notice us. I wouldn’t say that we have been surpassed creatively; as a country we appreciate everybody else but are eager to tell our own stories in our own way. We do however need to be more united and consistent in this as well as tackle the bullying and misuse of the media that destroys businesses and individuals. Sensationalism within the media is a breeding ground for negativity which can (more often than not) stunt creativity. The media can make or break a creative being,” she said.

Delta the Leo is very keen to see the future of womxn in South African women as they demand and begin to claim their space in the industry.

“We need to celebrate and support each other in our various industries and not just talk about it. Women should be having conversations around building each other because there are far too many issues that we must deal with in the creative industry. We still have to work ten times harder to prove our worth (even in Rand value) in the industry. More open platforms like the Creative Womxn Hookup where ideas and stories are shared to help each other better our craft (or ourselves) should be available. These types of spaces would provide us the know-how to own whatever position or field we find ourselves,” she said.

Excited about her future, Delta The Leo said she sees her crafts taking her more globally and coming back to share and impart her knowledge and skills with others, to build the African youth.

“I see myself dominating globally in both music and the dance industry; sharing and exchanging the knowledge I would have acquired through personal experiences and from the industry itself. I also hope to build an academy to accommodate talented individuals who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. I intend to save as many lives as possible through talent.”

The best advice Delta the Leo said she has received, which she has never forgotten to this day and put her in good stead or her career and personal life was to be herself and embrace her emotions because that is her strongest weapon with which she can produce diverse bodies of work that not only represent her capabilities but most importantly reflect who she is.

“Music was my refuge. The cassette player was the best thing my grandma ever bought. The moment that made me decide I wanted to dance as a profession was when a friend believed so much in my talent that she secretly entered me in Masters of Rhythm and I walked away with the grand title,” she said.

Delta The Leo’s defining moment for her musical career came after she won Jam Alley. “It was a nerve wrecking experience but I think my mum was more nervous for me than I was. This moment proved to me that I had it in me to pursue music as I had initially prepared to sing but changed my mind on the day to test out my rap skills. The prize money cemented the idea that I could earn a living from music, I mean I was able to buy myself my first pair of sneakers,” she said.

Since being a creative in South Africa is not always the most attractive and “acceptable” career choice, Delta The Leo managed to convince her family that her passion can be a fruitful and successful path, instead of the traditional 9-5.

“At first they weren’t so happy about it because they wanted me to go into a different profession. I had to work extra hard to prove to them that this is what I wanted and that it was truly a sustainable career. I got my big break through a tour with Mtv which allowed me to send money home and I believe that this helped them realise that dance and music are real professions. My family support and cheer me on at every turn. They now understand that I don’t just dance for myself but I also teach and have mentored the Youth in Alexandra through my company Live.Learn.Inspire Dreamworks and many more communities through the help of Midcomp Giving,” she said.

Delta The Leo hopes to inspire women to obtain their goals, pursue their dreams and become the best they can be.

Catch her speaking at #TheCreativeWomxHookup June 30.

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