Anele Nzimande


24 year old Founder of Aluna RSA

Anele is a driven, creative, courageous and passionate individual. She emerges as a leader in everything that she does, from politics to business to fashion, she is a modern day renaissance woman. She recently decided to venture into fashion by creating a women’s clothing label with a vision of influencing thought, and imagination through clothing, which she views as a political tool.
Anele has an incredible ability to connect with people from all different walks of life, who immediately feel a sense of connection and comfort around her. She has a larger than life personality and a smile to match.
My greatest achievements so far include being elected as the Vice Chairperson of the Wits University Law Students Council (2014), I learned so much there. I was also a contestant on the youth leadership show ‘One Day Leader’, I wrote a chapter on Race and Racism in the SABC Education commissioned novel Reflections on South Africa. I was part of the FeesMustFall movement which saw the biggest student uprising in post-apartheid (apartheid) South Africa, where students rallied behind the call for free quality and decolonised education. More than that, I think starting my business has also taught me a lot about my own capabilities and potential and I’m excited to keep learning about the different parts of myself as I continue on this journey.
With musician, songwriter and style influencer, Solange, as a source of inspiration, Anele wants to be known as a stylist, fashion designer and writer.
I will continue to push boundaries by merging different areas of interest. I believe that clothing is a language all on its own that communicates who we are to the rest of the world. Fashion can be subversive, conformist, subtle, daring. It can create and alter our moods. It can communicate our age (sometimes), our politics or beliefs and where we are going. I want to create a brand that is very deliberate about being political, as well as being stylish. Think Coretta Scott King, Angela Davis, The Black Panthers as a whole, Winnie Mandela who show us that women in resistance movements are multi-dimensional and can be interested in different things. Fashion is one of them. I want to create a brand that speaks to this.
To my 16 year old self, I would say, just keep swimming.

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