BGM Bulletin 14 – 20 March


Pad Campaign

The Pad Campaign We All Need to Get Behind


Mail and Guardian journalist, Pontsho Pilane has partnered with Livity Africa in creating  a campaign to lobby government to supply free sanitary towels to all girls in South Africa. The campaign, which is currently in the form of a petition on Awethu Amandla calls on Parliament, Minister Angie Motshekga and Bathabile Dlamini to “supply essential sanitary products to young girls, particularly those from low income communities across the country.”

With just over 1 700 signatures in two days, this campaign highlights how young girls especially those in the low income bracket are made to suffer for something that is out of their control. Testimonials from such girls include one who said she uses a sock as a pad and others who can miss months of school in a year due to their periods and their inability to afford the care that is needed to handle a monthly flow and still go to school.

This is where you sign to add your name to this necessary campaign.


Tony Gum Lux

Tony Gum in the Lux: She Who Dares Mini-Movie 

Okay, are we the only people that did not know that artist and master IG curator, Tony Gum, starred in the most beautiful LUX movie until a few days ago? “Fragrance inspires and attracts. It builds confidence and makes a bold statement. It encourages women to express themselves. She is the LUX woman – bold and confident.” is the caption for the movie which is live on the LUX South Africa YouTube page. In the film, Tony, plays a quirky and alluring young womxn who catches the eye of an equally gorgeous young man in a bar; the bar is crowded and loud until Tony catches his eye and all is still but her body with a close-up profile shot of her. While not trying to give too much of a spoiler, we see Tony as a closet dancer, surfer and mysteriously fun girl. Do watch this video if you aren’t already under the spell of Tony Gum and her general slayage, and if you are already, just watch it because Tony Gum slayage. That’s all.



One in Nine Youth Exchange Programme 

The One in Nine Campaign wishes to invite interested Women feminists and activists, between the ages of 20-25 to apply to be part of the One in Nine Campaign team that will be participating in a women’s leadership Youth Exchange programme. The One in Nine Campaign team will consist of two Women in total.

The exchange is between Katswe Sisterhood in Zimbabwe, the One in Nine Campaign in South Africa and the Norwegian Students and Academics International Support Fund (SAIH) in Norway and is supported by the Norwegian Peace Corps, Fredskorpset (FK).

The total number of women who will be participating in the exchange is six (6).
All Women participants from the different organisations will live, work and travel together for the duration of the exchange.

The project, beginning in May 2016, will operate in three months cycles in each country through the host organisation(s) and will consist also of
1. A pre-exchange preparation course with the One in Nine Campaign
2. A Preparation course with all 6 exchange participants in Oslo,
3. An FK Youth Camp in Oslo, Norway
4. A Home-coming programme in home-countries

The Project will end in September 2017 with the home-coming programme.


Anelisa IG

Anelisa Mangcu’s LIT IG Post 

On Wednesday, Anelisa announced her collaboration with Treseme Hair on her Instagram in a very refreshing way that sparked an  insightful conversation in her comments. Instead of doing the usual influencer, “I’m selling you this product but trying not to look like i’m selling you this” tone, she took the opportunity to question the ownership of certain hairstyles, with a focus on corn rows termed “Kim Kardashian’s boxer braids” by the media.

Anelisa IG 2

It was also interesting to see how her followers handled the discussion, both white and black, with black girls expressing their feelings about the media’s portrayal of originally black protective hairstyles and white girls asking questions and taking notes. Anelisa summed it all perfectly with a follow-up post with a short history on corn-rows and why black womxn feel they have the entitlement that they do to such hair styles.

Anelisa IG 3

The Kiss it Better Remix We all Deserve from Miguel 

So, SXSW is happening and Miguel went and did this:

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