Melenial discusses Mzansi’s Blogging


We were asked by the biggest youth publication, Live Mag, about our thoughts on blogging in our country. With us is one half of the  feminist Eve Without Adam duo; a creative agency and website for young German womxn.

Shot and Edited by Nadine Kutu

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  • IG: @richmondsajini
    Feb 4, 2016

    Very interesting! Do we have fraternities or groups of bloggers that support each other in SA as there are in the US besides SABloggers which is not really a fraternity like the #YouTubeSisterhood for example which has YouTubers such as Raven Elyse and Vicky Logan for example.

    • Simbongile
      Feb 5, 2016

      Because blogging is so small in SA, you’ll find that brands stick to the same pool of bloggers and sometimes these bloggers have to compete with one another in order to get the check. Collaboration is so key but it will be something that bloggers do for themselves and do not wait for a brand campaign in order to collaborate with one another.

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