A new survey conducted by Cosmopolitan explored the lifestyles of millennial women, including their attitude towards sex. Among the 750 women surveyed, who ranged in age from 18 to 34 years old, 60% claimed to have sex at least once a week.

This number may seem relatively high, but that’s because most women said they were in a serious relationship of some kind. Of the women surveyed, 28% were single and 4% were casually dating.

For places to meet potential amours, 37% of women are encountering their hookups during a night on the town, while 25% found flings online.

In terms of who makes the first move, a mere 14% of women admitted to initiating conversation, while 57% said they would never make the first move, but are open to flirting. Lastly, 70% of women are interested in being married (specifically by age 29), and two-thirds are committed to the idea of having children.

Cosmo’s survey revealed other interesting details about the average American woman:

  • One-third of women have felt bullied at work by a superior or boss
  • 62% of women attribute their friends to making them feel good about themselves
  • 40% of women wish they had more friends
  • 32% of women consider themselves feminists
  • 93% of women get glammed up every day for themselves, and not for men, other women, or their colleagues


This article was originally posted on on October 8th, 2015